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Sweet eats from Chocolat.dk

Maja Vase_2 I hope you are not reading this while craving for something sugary, because this post is literally made of sugar. When I was on holidays I came across some pretty amazing extraordinaire IG accounts. You know when you hang around at the pool there’s nothing better than browsing IG and discovering IG feeds that sometimes make you fall off your sun lounger. Well, Maja Vase’s IG is one of those jaw-dropping accounts. Therefore, today I’m highlighting Chocolat.dk, a sweet eats and food styling website with out-of-the-world, amazingly looking desserts, cakes and everything delicious your sweet tooth can wish for. All I can say is HOLY MACARON. This is amazing. Support this woman people and buy her book. The world needs more of this sweet storytelling extravaganza. What a styling talent. I’m especially in love with the edible flower cookie decoration and the different icing styles. Well, you basically don’t know where to look first, because everything looks simply glorious.
Chocolate_2 Chocolate_1 On her website and on her instagram, she shares the things she makes and bakes, chocolate with gold leaf! cupcakes with girly icing! hand painted macarons! eadible flower decoration! homemade ice-cream! oh my! so! amazing! And these tarts with these perfectly shaped icing flowers. I mean really? For the impatient perfectionistas among us, wouldn’t you go as well ‘loco’ if only a single icing flower had 1 millimeter less icing and you had to do it all over again? Maja must be the goddess among the icing flower makers. Such a precise work. I wonder how behind the scenes look, but probably as perfect as the chocolate ganache on the cake below. I know I’m really living it up with these thoughts, but hey what else to think if you see Maja’s oh! so! yum! eats.

To view her instagram click here, and follow her on Facebook here. And once again, if you speak Danish or understand it get her book, here. You can also sbscriber to her Bloglovin, here.

Chocolate_3 Chocolate_12 Chocolate_6 Chocolate_9 Chocolate_7 Chocolate_8 Chocolate_10 Chocolate_13 Choclate_11 Source: Chocolate.dk

15 creative ideas for Valentine’s Day

Oh la la. Love is in the air .. and in your kitchen and craft room. Happy February! The day of love is approaching. For some, this day is one of the most dreadful days of the year. Over the decades, Valentine’s Day has been sold to us as the day of true love, romance and pink confetti. Well, guess what? It’s not. It can be for some, but it’s mostly purely a stereotypical way of thinking of it. In real life, (where confetti might still exist..), V Day is also a day of gathering friends and family, show your appreciation for them or simply spend it alone and celebrate the wisdom that loving yourself is the first step of being loved by others. Hence, February 14 shouldn’t been considered as the day of cheesy romance, but rather showing the love for others, whoever it is. Therefore, I’ve collected 15 creative ideas for Valentine’s Day for you online to give you some inspiration.

I hope you enjoy. And remember, dumb the traditions and give yourself a sugar boost, and your friends too. If you still fancy the romantic part of V Day, then you’ll find some creative ideas to get crafty. I’ll be back with more on Valentine’s Day soon. Valentines_Special_1 1. Plant a lovely hyacinth and give it to someone as shown by Passionshake or print cute little notes from Sugar & Cloth’s free printables.

Valentines_Special_7 2. Create some fun packaging and date idea arrows from Sugar & Cloth.

Valentines_Special_6 3. Treat your friends, family and loved ones with some hand made cookies or hand painted macaroons from Sugar & Cloth.

Valentines_Special_2 4. Send a box of freshly baked mini heart donuts from The Alison Show to someone or bake Raspberry tea cakes from Style Sweet Ca.

Valentines_Special_3 5. Send some lovely messages like from Camille Style or print your own heart notes with printables from Lovely Indeed.

Valentines_Special_5 6. Create a pretty table decoration with love cookies from Sweet Style Blog or personalise your gift wrapping with hand-painted calligraphy from Sugar & Cloth.

ValentinesDay_8 7. Decorate with love 

Valentines_Special_4 8. Send love mail around like this from Sugar & Cloth or this from Little big bell.

Nectar & Stone Melbourne

Ombre Chocolate and Cupcakes Ombre Chocolate and Macaroons Hello everyone. It has been quite some time that I posted something here. I have been on holiday – again and very busy at work. But, I’m back with a sweet story for you.

Yesterday I came across Dessert Designer Donna-Caroline Khoo – owner and sweet bakerof Nectar & Stone Melbourne. I was immediately amazed by the delicious treats she is creating. Her desserts embody style, sophistication and femininity and have an original look and feel. I especially love the ombre, pastel colored chocolate and its unique shape. Donna-Caroline is using my favorite colors in her palettes, which makes it even more attractive to me. 

With including fresh flowers, gold leaves and carefully selected color combinations, Nectar & Stone’s eats almost look like jewelry or diamond composition for women with a sweet tooth.

Have a look at Donna-Caroline’s art after the jump. And before I forget, check out her Instagram account. Continue reading

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