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Rice DK SS16 Collection is live

RICE SS16_144_682 Hello folks. How are you doing? If you have this particular winter blues that makes you want to crawl into a cave and only come out when the first spring bees are buzzing in the air, then this is your lucky day.

Rice DK launched its new SS16 Collection and it screams happiness. Beautiful color combinations, floral patterns and pastel hues make this collection a special one. I have a few kitchen accessories from Rice DK and I love them. Sometimes I get the comment that this brand is rather for children. But don’t we all have ‘the child’ still sleeping in us? Besides, who can resist these stunning wallpapers? Rice DK collaborated with Dutch brand Eijffinger for the adventure wallpaper collection. I’m especially fan of the pastel pink one.

Do you have wallpaper integrated in your interior? I’m thinking about using one wall as a statement wall in my new home and hang a floral or botanical wallpaper in pastel hues.

Check out my favorite products from the newest collection. Continue reading

7 Ways to decorate with Persian Vintage Rugs

Persian Rugs_Decor8 This thing with rugs. You either love them or hate them. My relationship with rugs is kind of difficult. The only rug that I remember was that fuzzy, stuffy floor mop that my parents had in their old house. And because it isn’t shameful enough yet – it came in the lovely color blue, which is not necessarily a bad color, yet maybe not the right pick for a floor decoration.

Well, since a few days I’m trying to get used to the idea of buying a rug in the near future. At least thinking about the fact of buying it. I might change my mind last minute and buy a new planter instead that will definitely cost me less. Of course if I get a rug, I don’t want just any, no I would like to have a rather snazzy one, am I right? I mean those that are making their rounds on Pinterest or Etsy. Therefore, I did some research and collected some inspirations. Find below my absolute favorite ones styled in different ways. My 7 ways of how to decorate with Persian vintage rugs.

There are some clear preferences here. I don’t like, and under no circumstances want a fuzzy, fluffy, wooly mop on my floor. I’m more in favor of knotted, woven and smooth rugs with decent oriental or geometric patterns. I think I’m quite clear with what I’m looking for. During my research I came across handmade rugs from Turkey on Etsy, which caught my eye. Really delicate pieces that would make a great centerpiece and eye-catcher in my living room, or future living room. As I said before, I’m still not 100% convinced. I guess I need some help here. So let’s have a look at some examples.

1. I’m sure you notice the 1st picture from lovely Holly Becker from decor8. It’s actually her home, which I really adore, cause of the beautiful color combination of white, gold and pink with natural wooden elements. I’m kind of in love with the pink vintage rug, which makes exactly the center piece I’m looking for.

Persian Rugs_8 2. Speaking about pink. Here is another great rug from Urban Outfitters. I like the idea of having a rug in the kitchen. The only concern I have is the stains that it might attract from food dropping from the kitchen counter. I know my man too well ladies. Besides the rug, isn’t that kitchen simply amazing. This mint colored cabinet fronts and the farmer’s sink (possible to get at IKEA) together with the copper tap turned out stunning. Find more inspiration here on A Lovely Lark.

Persian Rugs_3 3. We see it also in Holly’s example, a rug in the dining area. I find this idea quite nice I have to say. It makes the room look more comfy and inviting, don’t you think? In this radiant example with bohemian touch, the rug sticks out and gives the room a warm and gentle atmosphere. I found this on this lovely Swedish blog Persian Rugs_5 4. Featured on Dreams + Jeans, these two rugs also with a bohemian inspired pattern supports the floor color perfectly. I do think that a rug in the living room area in front of the sofa will make my feet much warmer than they are right now. I know it’s summer over here, but we live on the ground floor and it does sometimes get a bit chilly around the feet area. And this rug is by the way not fluffy. It has short hair, so much more attractive for me.

Persian Rugs_2 5. Well this one is a real oriental rug and it fits perfectly in this loft. It sticks out on the white wooden floor and gives the room a bohemian modern touch. Tip: Use a mirror to make any small room look bigger. Persian Rugs_4 6. When it comes to color, this living area has signature hues of dark grey, blues and pastels. How great is the concrete floor painted in subtle share of pink. I would love this as well. The rug contains similar colors and makes a great composition together with the furniture.

Persian Rugs_7 7. I love the peachy hues in Souraya’s home. The persian rug fits perfectly. I love the vintage look. The interior decoration is so complementary. I’m in love. See more of Souraya’s home here on her blog Binti Home.

Elma de Jonge from Studio Stationery

collage Hello and happy weekend. Today is my me-day, which you might have noticed already on my IG feed earlier. It’s really hot here in Amsterdam, so I wanted to go to the beach. However, I changed my mind, as I didn’t want to lay on the beach like packed sardines. You have to know that in Amsterdam, as soon as there is sun, 90% of the population heads to the seaside. I get it. It’s normal, but you also need to know that in The Netherlands everything is tiny, so is the space on the beach. Thus, I figured I stay in the boiling city in my garden, which can provide me summer feeling too, but has enough space to turn. I have to say that I occasionally felt the need to sit in the fridge. Thankfully, my previously frozen watermelon popsicles saved my day.

So I was doing some research on patterns and guess what I found? Not any kind of pattern inspiration, but the real deal. Meet Elma de Jonge, designer, artist, blogger, sucker for stationery, fashion addict and color fanatic. Well, that’s how she describes herself and I’m pretty sure that the latest pantone color of the year announcement is something you can wake her up in the middle of the night. Ink is what floats through her veins and ends up in her art journals. She just recently ran a #100DAYSOFARTJOURNALING challenge, which includes amazing pattern and color inspirations. I can’t wait to doodle around with similar colors. Today, I want to share with you some of her creations.

Besides, her work as designer and artist, she works as a product designer and content manager at Studio Stationery, a happy and colorful wholesale shop which will make the stationary lover cut capers. Take a look yourself.

65 days
You can follow Elma on her colorful instagram or on pinterest. If you are interested in wholesale, go to Studio Stationery for more information. I also recommend their pinterest account.
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Source: Elma de Jonge

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