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Top 12 Favorite Inspiring DIY + Design Blogs

Intro Post Final Hello everyone. I hope you are doing great. Are you having a nice weekend? Mine is quite rainy. Therefore, I’m spending the free days inside my cozy home to do some blogging and crafting.

I love browsing through all these amazing professional blogs out there. Actually, I want to be productive, but sometimes I’m getting stuck while scanning my favorite blogs with my analytical eye for new inspirations, styling ideas or DIY tutorials.  I love love love having a cup of tea and reading through my favorite design blogs. I’m sometimes so focused and immersed that I totally forget the time. And  then – well then, oops already 11pm and I haven’t written a word. On the other hand, reading blogs to seek inspiration and motivation is a good thing for your skill improvement. I believe learning from others and their techniques is good for your own development.

For you to understand why it takes me sometimes a while to post something new, I collected a list of my favorite blogs that make me start dreaming while reading.

Find out what blogs make me happy and my heart beat ‘craft’ after the jump. Continue reading

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