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New Year New Things – Project Life

Collage_1 Can I still say Happy New Year? My god, it has been ages since I’ve blogged. To be precise, it’s 8 weeks and 2 days ago. I feel you deserve a reason why it has been so quiet here.

Well, first of all I have been in the usual Christmas gift wrap stress, as everyone I guess. Secondly, I have been on holidays. You might have noticed if you follow me on Instagram. Thirdly, something more unexpected happened over the last couple of weeks. I accepted a new job, which I will be starting in March. And lastly, I have been busy with all kind of new home related to do’s. My oh-so-gloriously announced ‘series‘ has been on hold. Wow, instead of a series, it remains a one-post-only thing. I knew that wouldn’t work out very well. Probably, because the new home is still a year away. So far, we still own an area of gravel and dirt with lovely hassocks, happily growing around it. So, I suppose it is an idea to wait with the series until things get more tangible. I know, to my own disappointment as well. But, don’t you worry. I have other things to update you with.

Phew, now as all my excuses are on the table, let’s move to some more recent discoveries I made together with Cake & Bloom Interior the other weekend in Leiden. And guys, I’m telling you. This is it – the ultimate way to visualise day to day experiences, or also my decorating series.. once we actually have something to decorate. You probably heard about it, so don’t expect a groundbreaking, universe-changing invention. It’s a similar form of scrapbooking, which is not my thing, as things get too messy, and I don’t like messy. No, it’s Project Life. And what better is there, than visualising it in a cute prepared folder with handmade crafts, photos and illustrations. For the organised and perfectionistic among us, yes the folder comes with photo pocket pages, which are see-through foils with little pockets to collect your photos. I heard about Project Life before and that Becky Higgins and Maggie Holmes are the Martha Stewart’s of the paper industry, but I never really considered it something for myself until last weekend where I found myself back in a workshop of a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. Honestly, my vocabulary increased tremendously after being thrown at with words, such as ‘big shot’, ‘stampin scrub’, ‘stampin trimmer’ and ‘minc machine’.


So, my lovely blogger friend Irene from Cake & Bloom Interior had some positive influence on me and somehow convinced me to try Project Life. She also promised and insured that this will work for perfectionists. Irene, if you read this, I’ll take you up on that 😉 Thus, I’m gonna order my first Project Life package. In fact I’m doing it right now. And hopefully, I will be sharing my first photo album soon. Warning: Don’t expect anything by next weekend. We perfectionists need a bit more time to make it perfect, especially if I want to become a Project Life superstar like Magda.

Now guys, what about you? Have you ever tried Project Life or scrapbooking? Is there even a difference? Sorry, I’m kind of new to this field. Perhaps, someone could explain. Where do you buy your materials? I found out, there are tons of variations and online shops where you can spend your entire monthly salary on. I found this site, which seems to be reasonable, yet only for the Dutch market. I secretly love Heidi Swapp’s collection, which is also available in that shop.

For those, who are as clueless as I am, I tried to put a list together with the basics you need to start your own Project Life album. It’s already a project to collect all this, I can tell you. Here we go:

  • Album – I will buy this one 
  • Photo pocket pages – I will get these (Make sure album and photo pocket pages have the same size)
  • Card Collection – Here is a selection (Cards are not a must, but nice to have). Also have a look here
  • Accessories – I’m overwhelmed and need a bit more time, but have a look here or here

Well, I’d say cheers to the new year, new things and Project Life! Have a lovely evening.

Elma de Jonge from Studio Stationery

collage Hello and happy weekend. Today is my me-day, which you might have noticed already on my IG feed earlier. It’s really hot here in Amsterdam, so I wanted to go to the beach. However, I changed my mind, as I didn’t want to lay on the beach like packed sardines. You have to know that in Amsterdam, as soon as there is sun, 90% of the population heads to the seaside. I get it. It’s normal, but you also need to know that in The Netherlands everything is tiny, so is the space on the beach. Thus, I figured I stay in the boiling city in my garden, which can provide me summer feeling too, but has enough space to turn. I have to say that I occasionally felt the need to sit in the fridge. Thankfully, my previously frozen watermelon popsicles saved my day.

So I was doing some research on patterns and guess what I found? Not any kind of pattern inspiration, but the real deal. Meet Elma de Jonge, designer, artist, blogger, sucker for stationery, fashion addict and color fanatic. Well, that’s how she describes herself and I’m pretty sure that the latest pantone color of the year announcement is something you can wake her up in the middle of the night. Ink is what floats through her veins and ends up in her art journals. She just recently ran a #100DAYSOFARTJOURNALING challenge, which includes amazing pattern and color inspirations. I can’t wait to doodle around with similar colors. Today, I want to share with you some of her creations.

Besides, her work as designer and artist, she works as a product designer and content manager at Studio Stationery, a happy and colorful wholesale shop which will make the stationary lover cut capers. Take a look yourself.

65 days
You can follow Elma on her colorful instagram or on pinterest. If you are interested in wholesale, go to Studio Stationery for more information. I also recommend their pinterest account.
pattern 1 pattern 6 pattern 5 pattern 4 pattern 3 pattern 8 pattern 7 pattern 10 pattern 11 pattern 2 pattern 9

Source: Elma de Jonge

9 Handwritten Gifttags by Happy Makers Blog

Handwritten_Gifttags A rainy and grey day encouraged me to browse for the necessary portion of happiness. And I was lucky. While searching for inspiration for a next blog post, I came across the HappyMakersBlog in my bookmarks under ‘important‘. The first time I learned about this lovely blog was, when I went to a creative workshop at Galerie Lucie that I was telling you about a few weeks ago. I sat next to Monique, the owner of HappyMakersBlog and whilst enthusiastically glueing our paper envelopes we talked about our blogs. I really like her approach to slow blogging. She posts only when she is really convinced and satisfied about the content, which I can very much identify with. We both tried posting every day in the past, but you only end up with a blog burn-out, which I’m sure no one really would appreciate here. Am I right? Quality goes over quantity and because of that, you will only find beautiful and carefully curated content on Monique’s HappyMakersBlog. Therefore, I was not very much surprised when I saw another great post about the creative collaboration between Monique, a bunch of talented Dutch illustrators and Tiny from Letterpers.nl, who together developed 8 handwritten gifttags that give any gift the instant eye-appeal. If you are still looking for inspiration for mother’s day gift wrapping, then you are at the right place. Explore the many lovely ways how to style the gifttags.

Find below an overview of all designers who participated: Geertje (Geertjeaalders.nl), Janneke (Jansontwerpfabriek.nl),  Karen (Karenweening.nl),  Karin (Paperfuel.nl),  Marloes (Marloesdevries.com),  Marthe (Whisperingpaper.com), Tiny (Letterpers.nl) en Viktor (Chalkboard.nl).

And as it’s not only my lucky day, but also your’s, the gifttags are not only nice to look at, but you can also buy them here.
HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_2 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_3 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_4 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_5 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_6 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_7 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags HappyMakersBlog_Giftttags_1 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_Package

Source: HappyMakersBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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