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Nectar & Stone Melbourne

Ombre Chocolate and Cupcakes Ombre Chocolate and Macaroons Hello everyone. It has been quite some time that I posted something here. I have been on holiday – again and very busy at work. But, I’m back with a sweet story for you.

Yesterday I came across Dessert Designer Donna-Caroline Khoo – owner and sweet bakerof Nectar & Stone Melbourne. I was immediately amazed by the delicious treats she is creating. Her desserts embody style, sophistication and femininity and have an original look and feel. I especially love the ombre, pastel colored chocolate and its unique shape. Donna-Caroline is using my favorite colors in her palettes, which makes it even more attractive to me. 

With including fresh flowers, gold leaves and carefully selected color combinations, Nectar & Stone’s eats almost look like jewelry or diamond composition for women with a sweet tooth.

Have a look at Donna-Caroline’s art after the jump. And before I forget, check out her Instagram account. Continue reading

Ombre Party Name Tags + Table Decoration

Introduction_Name Tags

Hello everyone. How are you doing? Remember my last post about the party decoration inspiration? I told you I’m working on a nice crafting project for the same theme. Well, I’m happy to share a new tutorial with you today. I created ombre party name tags for decorating the table setting.

Find the full tutorial and great decoration ideas after the jump.  Continue reading

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