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Make your own Pin Wall + A desk make-over

Intro_make your own pinwall.jpg

Hello and Happy Weekend everyone. Last weekend I have been busy working on a nice DIY project that I’d like to share with you today. After the last Real Talk I thought I need to share something more cheerful, colorful and bright with you.

It all started a few weeks ago where I wrote about decorating small spaces. After we moved into our sweet home we first started working on all other rooms except the guest room. We never really new what to do with it, since there are no kids yet and also not guests everyday. That’s why we invested more time and effort in making the rest of the house cozy. However, after a while I had this urgent need to do something with my free time. Since I knew what color means, I loved everything creative, but I never thought I would end up putting my work on a blog, cause at that time, the internet wasn’t even existing. Moving to Amsterdam and being inspired by diversity and creativity everyday I wanted to do get hands-on as relaxation after a stressful work day in a big organisation. So there was the blog, but no space for all my things. You know the end of this story; The guest room had a purpose. I wanted to transform it into a craft room / home office where I can garner my ideas and inspirations and find freedom to forget all routines around me.

The room is very small, so I cannot have one of these amazing huge studios I’d love to have and that I pin about everyday. Therefore, I started with gathering decoration ideas for small office spaces and showed you some examples. Like this I could imagine how our small room might look. During that process I got really inspired by those pin walls / mood boards that you can use for collecting postcards, paper items, ribbons or whatever floats your boat.

Seeing these pin walls and looking at the white wall of my newly declared craft room, I was sold. Yes, I want that pin wall there too.

I think it is a wonderful tutorial and DIY project for a rainy weekend. I put together all steps how to make your own pin wall and how to decorate it. Have a look at all steps and the list of materials you need after the jump. Continue reading

Workspace Inspirations for small rooms

Workspace Inspirations Petitevanou

Hello everyone,

I hope you had a fabulous weekend. We had some beautiful weather over here in Amsterdam. Quite unusual if you ask me. But anyways, I spent my weekend strolling around the market, visiting some small concept stores and had a nice cup of coffee together with my weekend visitors.

Also, I was searching for inspirations for my guest room project! Yes you heard right, I have a new project ahead. Since we moved in this house the guest room has always been a mess and used as our storage. Everything that didn’t want to be shown off was placed in that room and the door was closed behind. Not very much representative for a girl who claims to be a decoration addict. Well the room has been painted and the floor has been put in with love. However, we never really had the time and energy to transform it into a cozy guest room/workspace. Then we bought a little sleeping sofa and got a desk as a present from my parents, found a closet, nice frames and a little dresser. So I thought to myself: Lena it is time for a makeover!

We decided that we want to make the guest room not only a guest room, but also a room where we can work and I can get creative (yay a studio!) The tiny problem is that this room is kind of the smallest room I’ve ever seen. For Dutch standards the room is probably massive, but for me, a German, this room is definitely not big at all. We do not have a floor map (cause these things do not seem to exist in the Netherlands), but I measure approximately 7 to 8m2 (not to mention the diagonal wall that divides the 7 or 8 m2 into basically 4)! Only imagine placing furniture inside. A challenge I thought. Well, thankfully I like challenges.

My new small project is born! Transforming the boring guest room into a colorful home office that can also be used as a second bedroom for guests. I’m only in the beginning of the planning phase, but I know that it has to be cozy and practical. Lately I’ve been collecting a bunch of truly inspiring home offices that focus on small spaces featuring great design and color. And here I want to show you some of my favorites + some accessories that make the office complete.

Let’s start with the accessories (that’s what we decoration addicts love right? The tiny extras)! I’ve always wanted a mood board where I can collect paper goods, my inspirations and little things I find in magazines. I think these two from The Glitterguide are gorgeous. The first pin wall inspired me so much that I’m actually planning to do it for our room as well. I already shopped the equipment for it. Just need to get started! Be excited!

Glitterguide Pinwall Mood board2

I love these little desks, cause they perfectly do their job in offering you enough space to work, and at the same time do not look too massive in a small room. The first option by Emily Henderson inspired me because of the color combination. Even though we will have white walls, I will add a lot of color. The other little home office, also from The Glitterguide, is a more minimalistic, but has some pops of green and creme, which makes a small room look bright and shiny and eventually a lot bigger. I will keep that in mind.

Small desk White

Another cute idea is to add some coziness to your workspace like displayed in this photo from The Glitterguide. And the colorful atmosphere makes me want to get creative immediately.

Lights over desk

A small room needs plants, so why not add some green to your home desk? They can be quite eye catching these powerful air fresheners. Especially in a cool, colorful office like this one from Bri Emery from Designlovefest. If only I had more space guys, if only..

Designlovefest_office plants Designlovefest_office plants2

For more inspiring workplaces have a look here. And I also found a nice Danish office supplies shop called OYOY where you can find colorful accessories to decorate your space.


So, I’ve given you some ideas of how to use your small space for creative solutions. What do you think about it? Do you have other ideas? What color combinations did you use for your home office?

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