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Laura Blythman’s Neon Home

Home Tour_5 Hello folks. After a blogging break for a month or so, I’m back with a tour through Lauren Blythman’s neon dream house, located in Melbourne, Australia. You might know Laura from her colorful, bright neon watercolor collages and fun illustrations that circulate around on Pinterest. So it comes with no surprise that her home is full of color, playful patterns and eclectic styling, exactly as her designs.

The first time I found Laura Blythman art was on Pinterest. I was immediately excited and amazed how perfectly she includes my favorite colors in her art. I have a weakness for neon colors, especially peachy and minty hues. I love the way how Laura combines these intense colors so that it doesn’t seem overloaded. I added some prints which I think show her work the best.

I did not have the pleasure to walk through this jaw-dropping home, but I do think that when seeing the photos there are three things you notice: color in all corners of the home, brightness and coziness. The lovely big windows allow the sun to shine through and emphasize the colors in Laura’s designs and give the home a warm, inviting look and feel. Also, using a lot of greens make the house look more vivid and welcoming.

You can follow Laura on Instagram for inspiration.

Home Tour_6 Home Tour_7 Home Tour_4 Home Tour_3 Home Tour_2 Home Tour_8 Home Tour_9 Home Tour_10 Home Tour_11 Home Tour_12 Home Tour_13 Home Tour_14 Home Tour_15 Home Tour_16 Laura Blythman_1 Laura Blythman_3 Laura Blythman Sources: Apartment Therapy | Laura Blythman

HEMA has a new Stationary Collection

Hema Stationary_1 Hello Hello. I have some breaking news for you. HEMA Netherlands has a new stationary collection in their stores, which I absolutely adore. The creative director must have had the same color crush like me.

Ranging from purely paper items, such as notebooks, agendas and sticky notes to paper decorating items, like paints, stamps, stickers and washi tape, Hema offers you an entire collection of new products in the main colors, neon mint, pink and orange. What a feast. My heart was jumping up and down like a rubber ball when I entered the store and followed the signs on the ground directing me to the colorful stationary paradise. I honestly wanted to empty all shelves, but I figured that you might want to have the pleasure too. So hurry hurry and let me know whether the bright colored notebooks also made you turn into some kind of desperate paper items addict who wants them all; the mint one with the gold print, and the pink one with the calligraphy quote, and those wooden stamp sets, and those lovely patterned washi tapes, god how many washi tapes does one need? Really?

Color Palette

A colorful home with pops of neon pink + washi tape

Intro Happy Weekend everyone. I hope you are enjoying it. Today, I’d like to introduce a new column on my blog. Well, it’s not very new and innovative, since it already exists. However, the reason behind this new category is probably unique. Later more about that. Let me introduce the ‘Look Inside‘ theme to you. I’ve always admired the home tours from decor8blog. Also, my favorite magazines include this sort of column. I’m amazed how many beautiful homes are out there and how many talented and creative owners make such an effort to design an authentic and cozy living space. It always inspires me when I see other homes. Actually, this weekend I found three different homes that made my mouth stand open for quite some time, so this one, which I share today with you.

My weekend is right now quite calm, so I grabbed my brand new VT Wonen + 101Woonideeen magazines to search for the hottest trends in home decoration and interior. I came across a beautiful home that is exactly styled in a way I would do it. I love the pops of color, especially pink. In addition, the owners of this amazing place used washi tape as repeating eye catcher through out the house. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

Find the rest of the home tour after the jump + the reason of this new, but old category. Continue reading

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