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Nectar & Stone Melbourne

Ombre Chocolate and Cupcakes Ombre Chocolate and Macaroons Hello everyone. It has been quite some time that I posted something here. I have been on holiday – again and very busy at work. But, I’m back with a sweet story for you.

Yesterday I came across Dessert Designer Donna-Caroline Khoo – owner and sweet bakerof Nectar & Stone Melbourne. I was immediately amazed by the delicious treats she is creating. Her desserts embody style, sophistication and femininity and have an original look and feel. I especially love the ombre, pastel colored chocolate and its unique shape. Donna-Caroline is using my favorite colors in her palettes, which makes it even more attractive to me. 

With including fresh flowers, gold leaves and carefully selected color combinations, Nectar & Stone’s eats almost look like jewelry or diamond composition for women with a sweet tooth.

Have a look at Donna-Caroline’s art after the jump. And before I forget, check out her Instagram account. Continue reading

Meringue Cupcakes and Meringue lady fingers


I had some left overs in the fridge, so I thought I create something quick for our dinner with friends yesterday. I made meringue cupcakes and from the rest of the egg whites I made meringue lady fingers. They are perfect, because they are not so heavy and great for the summer as dessert with coffee or tea. Have you seen my last summer recipe? Continue reading

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