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Are you glamping? Then this is your Caravan

vintage_camper_reno Hello dear friends. Have you heard of glamping? You probably did. For those of you who have never heard about it – it means ‘glamorous camping’; and oh boy, I can tell you that this caravan from Vintage Revivals is definitely the real glam-deal.

Not only is this, one of the signature DIY’s from Mandi of Vintage Revivals, it’s also the perfect escape when it gets too busy in the city. How amazing is this work. You should see how the caravan looked before. Check it out here. I think I’ve found another favorite DIY blog. And we are talking serious DIY here when it comes to Vintage Revivals.

If you type in ‘Nugget’ in the search function of Mandi’s blog, you get all the posts related to the Nugget Series – the Make-over of the caravan. What you notice is that both exterior and interior are 99.9% purely hand-crafted. My lower jaw is still glued to my keyboard .. this is unbelievable. You wonder why I’m so blown away? Well, watch the wallpaper – yeah you think it’s wallpaper. That’s what I thought, until I reached the post about how to draw this pattern onto the painted wall with a, listen to it, a SHARPIE PEN(!)… now your mouth stands open too, I can see it. Respect Mandi.

So what do you think? Isn’t this the place to be? If you crave for more caravanity, then you need to visit this fabulous site (in Dutch, but you can use the translate functionality). One of my other favorite caravan make-overs is this one (the name says it all: ‘DreamStream’.


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Make your own Pin Wall + A desk make-over

Intro_make your own pinwall.jpg

Hello and Happy Weekend everyone. Last weekend I have been busy working on a nice DIY project that I’d like to share with you today. After the last Real Talk I thought I need to share something more cheerful, colorful and bright with you.

It all started a few weeks ago where I wrote about decorating small spaces. After we moved into our sweet home we first started working on all other rooms except the guest room. We never really new what to do with it, since there are no kids yet and also not guests everyday. That’s why we invested more time and effort in making the rest of the house cozy. However, after a while I had this urgent need to do something with my free time. Since I knew what color means, I loved everything creative, but I never thought I would end up putting my work on a blog, cause at that time, the internet wasn’t even existing. Moving to Amsterdam and being inspired by diversity and creativity everyday I wanted to do get hands-on as relaxation after a stressful work day in a big organisation. So there was the blog, but no space for all my things. You know the end of this story; The guest room had a purpose. I wanted to transform it into a craft room / home office where I can garner my ideas and inspirations and find freedom to forget all routines around me.

The room is very small, so I cannot have one of these amazing huge studios I’d love to have and that I pin about everyday. Therefore, I started with gathering decoration ideas for small office spaces and showed you some examples. Like this I could imagine how our small room might look. During that process I got really inspired by those pin walls / mood boards that you can use for collecting postcards, paper items, ribbons or whatever floats your boat.

Seeing these pin walls and looking at the white wall of my newly declared craft room, I was sold. Yes, I want that pin wall there too.

I think it is a wonderful tutorial and DIY project for a rainy weekend. I put together all steps how to make your own pin wall and how to decorate it. Have a look at all steps and the list of materials you need after the jump. Continue reading

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