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Etsy Shop Update

Polymer Clay Coasters

Hello after a long pause. I hope you are doing well. I have been working on updating my Etsy Shop with some new designs. In the meantime I also was lucky enough to get some new orders in, which is great. I’m making babysteps, but hey, better small steps, than no steps at all. Today, I want to share my latest designs with you. I’ve also developed a new shape.

1. Watercolor Coasters with silver accents perfect as wedding table decor

2. Royal Blue Watercolor Coasters with golden accents as wedding table decor

3. Mint Green Coasters with Black Sprinkles as garden party table decor

4. Geometric asymmetrical Coasters perfect fit for a Scandinavian interior styled home

Im thinking about adding custom orders in the coming months. I’m curious what you would be looking for. Leave a comment below if you are happy to share. I would love to integrate your feedback in our product development.

Furthermore, I’m working on adding a totally different type of product to my collection. So stay tuned. If you already have an Etsy buyer account you can follow us or favorite mahalolena by clicking on the ‘heart’ button when visiting our shop. I also recommend, popping by on Instagram for more decorating tips and style updates. Besides, you can share your style files with your newly acquired mahalolena interior decor via #shopmahalolena

Watercolor Polymer Coasters Mint Green Clay Coasters Geometric Asymmetrical Coasters

Have a wonderful evening. And stay crafty.

Etsy Shop Update

IMG_5285 Hello after a long period of no words. I hope you had a nice weekend so far. You probably noticed that I haven’t been tremendously active on my blog.. I have been focussing on other things in the past couple of months, which made it difficult to blog. Besides a lot of changes that I have been dealing with, I have also been busy creating new products for my Etsy Shop. Today, I’m sharing with you my latest Etsy Shop Update. I’m very proud of the outcome and hope you are enjoying a full nose of Spring coming your way. The sunny weather must have inspired me.

Different patterns and color combinations make the newest collection of clay coasters, ideal for the upcoming garden season. Some designs could make a really nice wedding gift or wedding table decor. Speaking of wedding – my sister is getting married in June, which is amazing. She will look lovely with her baby bump. Yes, I’m not only going to have a new brother-in-law, but also a little niece.

Jump over and take a closer look at the new items. On Instagram I show how to use my coasters plus I share loads of interior and DIY inspiration, so I recommend you explore and ask me in case you have questions.





Source: Mahalolena

Mahalolena on Etsy

Hello Etsy_Final

Hello and Happy Sunday! Today, I’m announcing some big news. As you probably can already guess from the picture – Mahalolena is now on Etsy. Yay!

I’ve often get asked why I don’t have an Etsy Shop and I’ve asked myself the very same question again and again. My answer always has been ‘I’ve not enough time and I’m afraid I suck’. Therefore, I parked the idea somewhere in the back of my head, yet it kept on bugging me and my excitement got eventually bigger than the fear. So here I am, with my own Etsy Shop. It kind of feels overwhelming to finally push the ‘live’ button. It took me a while to make this step, but now it feels like a good moment to share it with you all.

So right on time for Christmas, I bring you my starter collection of handmade interior decor accessories – finely crafted clay coasters. Here’s a little peak of a few of my products but click here to see the rest of the Mahalolena Shop.


I really hope you enjoy my shop and I look forward to bringing you more and extending my shop with additional products.

I’m happy to hear your questions, comments or feedback, as I’m new to the Etsy Seller World. Have a lovely day and see you in my shop.

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