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10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers Day

Happy Sunday. In some countries mother’s day is coming up. To be precise, it’s on the 8th of May. As we all love mum, why not making her a nice gift. I’ve put together a list of favorite mother’s day gift ideas. I’m sure you find something. The list has different price categories. Enjoy!

1. Handmade Clay Coasters for the ultimate mother’s day table decoration. | 2. Super cute Notebooks for her to document her favorite moments in life | 3. Fancy double geode ring for her to shine | 4. Colorful pillow to refreshen the interior | 5. Floral Chandelier earrings for the special moments | 6. Pure soaking salt in 4 different scents | 7. Ceramic ring holders to organise her jewelry | 8. Metallic leather pouch perfect for her day out | 9. Floral fringe throw to keep her cozy in cooler spring nights | 10. Cake topper to say how much you love her Happy Mother’s Day

Have a nice day.

15 creative ideas for Valentine’s Day

Oh la la. Love is in the air .. and in your kitchen and craft room. Happy February! The day of love is approaching. For some, this day is one of the most dreadful days of the year. Over the decades, Valentine’s Day has been sold to us as the day of true love, romance and pink confetti. Well, guess what? It’s not. It can be for some, but it’s mostly purely a stereotypical way of thinking of it. In real life, (where confetti might still exist..), V Day is also a day of gathering friends and family, show your appreciation for them or simply spend it alone and celebrate the wisdom that loving yourself is the first step of being loved by others. Hence, February 14 shouldn’t been considered as the day of cheesy romance, but rather showing the love for others, whoever it is. Therefore, I’ve collected 15 creative ideas for Valentine’s Day for you online to give you some inspiration.

I hope you enjoy. And remember, dumb the traditions and give yourself a sugar boost, and your friends too. If you still fancy the romantic part of V Day, then you’ll find some creative ideas to get crafty. I’ll be back with more on Valentine’s Day soon. Valentines_Special_1 1. Plant a lovely hyacinth and give it to someone as shown by Passionshake or print cute little notes from Sugar & Cloth’s free printables.

Valentines_Special_7 2. Create some fun packaging and date idea arrows from Sugar & Cloth.

Valentines_Special_6 3. Treat your friends, family and loved ones with some hand made cookies or hand painted macaroons from Sugar & Cloth.

Valentines_Special_2 4. Send a box of freshly baked mini heart donuts from The Alison Show to someone or bake Raspberry tea cakes from Style Sweet Ca.

Valentines_Special_3 5. Send some lovely messages like from Camille Style or print your own heart notes with printables from Lovely Indeed.

Valentines_Special_5 6. Create a pretty table decoration with love cookies from Sweet Style Blog or personalise your gift wrapping with hand-painted calligraphy from Sugar & Cloth.

ValentinesDay_8 7. Decorate with love 

Valentines_Special_4 8. Send love mail around like this from Sugar & Cloth or this from Little big bell.

Blog Discovery Studio Frey

Studio Frey_Mahalolena Studio Frey_Mahalolena Yesterday I came across a beautiful blog, named Studio Frey that directly caught my attention due to its beautiful photos and cute illustrations.

Studio Frey is the online scrapbook by Dutch creative Sigrid Bulens. A place where she shares and dreams. (I’m seeing similarities here) Sigrid describes her pastel colored corner of the Internet with keywords such as: dreams, design, love, diy and collecting stationary, tableware, ribbons and beautiful packaging. In her day job she works as graphic designer at 101Woonideeen, which is one of my most favorite interior and DIY magazines.

If you like her blog, you can also follow her on Pinterest and Instagram, which I do already. Sigrid takes you into a pastel cotton candy dream world with her photos. Look for yourself and take a tour through a soft fluffy wonderland after the jump. Continue reading

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