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Japanese Design House Nendo

Ceramics_Nendos_1 Hello folks. After the big news, I’m back from lala land and to reality. I always get excited when I discover new, authentic designers. In this case, I found this lovely new line of dishware from Japanese design house Nendo, which is made for tiny apartments. If you ask me, I think they make a perfect addition to any kind of apartment.

The dishware collection is called totte, which is the Japanese word for handle and comes in three sizes and five different colors. What a smart idea to add a handle to plates and bowls. Why would mugs only be allowed to have handles anyways. It’s so much more practical to have handles for all dishes. First of all, you won’t burn yourself and handles make them much easier to store. You can simply loop them on hangers in your kitchen. Besides, those handles just look good. And the pastel colors are definitely a bonus. Unfortunately, right now the collection is only available in Japan. So if you are going on a trip, make sure you do some shopping.

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How to choose a kitchen that fits you?

Dream House_Kitchens

Hello folks. It has been a while. A lot of things have happened in the meantime. I just recovered from a monster flu. God knows how I caught it, but it was definitely not the most pleasant experience. I’m glad it’s almost gone, which means, it’s finally blogging time again. Sit back and take a note book, cause this is a long and informative post.

Today, I’m introducing a new, or actually my first real series of interior decoration inspiration. Why am I doing this? Well, if you have read my last post where I shared some big news with you, you probably can guess why. I’d like to take you on a journey from room to room to my dream house. Along the way, I will include tips and tricks, useful links for more information, shopping addresses and more.

The series will be divided into several parts. First part deals with inspiration seeking and active decision making. And I mean it, Lena – active decision making. That being said, no change of mind every other day. The second part comes later on after I moved and where the fun starts – decorating. The whole process will take a while, cause our dream house, more precisely our apartment will only be ready begin 2017. It’s being built first. I will share some floor plans and all this at a later stage. For now, we are proud owners of a piece of land. Wohooo! Inserting a page break here, cause otherwise this post will cover my entire screen, so will be yours.  Continue reading

4 Steps to a new Tea Box

DIY Tea Box I’m not gonna lie guys, mod podge is surprisingly a multifunctional life-safer. Yes, you can glue anything with it. Me and podge we were going for the tea box. The boring wooden thing already captured my crafty attention for a while and last weekend finally, the time had come. I decided giving it a new look in 4 easy steps. The good thing is, you only need a decent amount of mod podge, a brush, paper and a cup of tea of course. Happy mod-podging.

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