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Rice DK SS16 Collection is live

RICE SS16_144_682 Hello folks. How are you doing? If you have this particular winter blues that makes you want to crawl into a cave and only come out when the first spring bees are buzzing in the air, then this is your lucky day.

Rice DK launched its new SS16 Collection and it screams happiness. Beautiful color combinations, floral patterns and pastel hues make this collection a special one. I have a few kitchen accessories from Rice DK and I love them. Sometimes I get the comment that this brand is rather for children. But don’t we all have ‘the child’ still sleeping in us? Besides, who can resist these stunning wallpapers? Rice DK collaborated with Dutch brand Eijffinger for the adventure wallpaper collection. I’m especially fan of the pastel pink one.

Do you have wallpaper integrated in your interior? I’m thinking about using one wall as a statement wall in my new home and hang a floral or botanical wallpaper in pastel hues.

Check out my favorite products from the newest collection. Continue reading

How to choose a kitchen that fits you?

Dream House_Kitchens

Hello folks. It has been a while. A lot of things have happened in the meantime. I just recovered from a monster flu. God knows how I caught it, but it was definitely not the most pleasant experience. I’m glad it’s almost gone, which means, it’s finally blogging time again. Sit back and take a note book, cause this is a long and informative post.

Today, I’m introducing a new, or actually my first real series of interior decoration inspiration. Why am I doing this? Well, if you have read my last post where I shared some big news with you, you probably can guess why. I’d like to take you on a journey from room to room to my dream house. Along the way, I will include tips and tricks, useful links for more information, shopping addresses and more.

The series will be divided into several parts. First part deals with inspiration seeking and active decision making. And I mean it, Lena – active decision making. That being said, no change of mind every other day. The second part comes later on after I moved and where the fun starts – decorating. The whole process will take a while, cause our dream house, more precisely our apartment will only be ready begin 2017. It’s being built first. I will share some floor plans and all this at a later stage. For now, we are proud owners of a piece of land. Wohooo! Inserting a page break here, cause otherwise this post will cover my entire screen, so will be yours.  Continue reading

Colorful decorating and styling by Hans Mossel

interieur-sportel-hans-mossel-01_mahalolena1 interieur-sportel-hans-mossel-04_mahalolena3 interieur-sportel-hans-mossel-08_mahalolena5 interieur-menne-hans-mossel-02_mahalolena6 Happy Sunday. Hope you had a nice weekend so far. I’m experiencing a creativity down, so I was researching a bit online for inspiration. I came across a great photographer, called Hans Mossel. He is Dutch and from Groningen. Always the Dutch – they just have this extra dose of creativity and innovation. Hans Mossel is an interior decoration and lifestyle photographer and he is brilliant. He also shot this home. If you are reading vtwonen or 101Woonideeen, you might recognize his style. He is regularly featured in those magazines with his beautiful photography.

You can view more of his work after the jump. Continue reading

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