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Hand lettering + DIY Post Card Decoration

Birthday Wishes

Hello everyone. I found something I always wanted to share with you, but never had the chance to prepare it properly. I know it is Christmas season, but you can easily turn these Birthday wishes into Christmas wishes and just change the flowers into snowflakes or whatever suits you.

It was my best friend’s birthday a few months ago. Since she lives in China I had to think about something that I can easily send via post. So I had the idea of creating a hand-drawn Birthday wish on paper.

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Gift wrapping material + Wrapping ideas


Hey all. It’s me. Do you still remember me? I’m the one who actually has this blog running. Yes, exactly, I asked myself the same ‘mhh wait let me think, who?’. Well, I’m back and I’m wishing you a lovely first advent. I brought something nice for you. Soon ‘ho ho ho’ Christmas is stepping inside the house and we need to be prepared for this. So I came up with some lovely gift wrapping material you can use to decorate you gifts or Christmas cards. 

On the weekend I went for crafts shopping in Utrecht, which is located in the Netherlands and close to Amsterdam. Oh dear, I was in hand-crafting paradise. My friend took me to amazing shops (find a list attached at the end) that offer baking supplies, home decoration items, DIY material and much more. are you feeling it? I think I can hear you sighing and thinking you need to have a look at these. I’m happy to share my power shopping tour outcome and with you. In addition, I will show you how I used the gift wrapping material to decorate. Have a look after the jump.  Continue reading

Lovely gift wrapping idea

packaging3It was the birthday of my mum in law, so I wanted to do something nice. Some lovely packaging with real flowers, bakers yarn, washi tape and a tea towel as my wrapping paper. What do you think? Do you like it?

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