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Christmas Wrapping Madness & Etsy Updates

Christmas wrapping Madness_5 Christmas Wrapping Madness_2

Happy 4th Advent. It’s almost Christmas. Are you celebrating Christmas in your culture? In Germany, we do – big time. Therefore, a few days before Christmas Night, it’s Christmas wrapping madness at home.

Today, I spent the whole day on wrapping all those great presents for my family and loved ones. I wouldn’t post about it, if I didn’t like gift wrapping. I love it! Christmas music playing in the background, a homemade hot chocolate with lots of cream and ‘ribbon salad’ on the table. Pure chaos, but creative. I spare you the behind the scenes images. I’d rather show you what Santa and I have been doing today.

Christmas Wrapping Magness Christmas Wrapping Madness_6 Christmas Wrapping Madness_3

Furthermore, I’ve got some updates on Etsy. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I have been busy developing new designs for my lovely table top accessories. Today, I can share with you the new design. What do you think?

I’m crazy about the sprinkles. Somehow I got inspired by chocolate sprinkles for on the bread. Yes, don’t ask me how one can be inspired by that. Anyways, here we go, Brushstroke Moon Coasters. Perfect for the Christmas table decoration or for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. There is more to come. I’m open for color inspiration. What main colors would you like to see and get for your own table top decor? Share your ideas in the comment box and I will try to consider it for the next product developments.

Etsy Update_Brushstroke Moon Coasters Brushstroke Coasters_1 Brushstroke Coasters_2

Have a lovely Christmas and a good start into the new year.

9 Handwritten Gifttags by Happy Makers Blog

Handwritten_Gifttags A rainy and grey day encouraged me to browse for the necessary portion of happiness. And I was lucky. While searching for inspiration for a next blog post, I came across the HappyMakersBlog in my bookmarks under ‘important‘. The first time I learned about this lovely blog was, when I went to a creative workshop at Galerie Lucie that I was telling you about a few weeks ago. I sat next to Monique, the owner of HappyMakersBlog and whilst enthusiastically glueing our paper envelopes we talked about our blogs. I really like her approach to slow blogging. She posts only when she is really convinced and satisfied about the content, which I can very much identify with. We both tried posting every day in the past, but you only end up with a blog burn-out, which I’m sure no one really would appreciate here. Am I right? Quality goes over quantity and because of that, you will only find beautiful and carefully curated content on Monique’s HappyMakersBlog. Therefore, I was not very much surprised when I saw another great post about the creative collaboration between Monique, a bunch of talented Dutch illustrators and Tiny from Letterpers.nl, who together developed 8 handwritten gifttags that give any gift the instant eye-appeal. If you are still looking for inspiration for mother’s day gift wrapping, then you are at the right place. Explore the many lovely ways how to style the gifttags.

Find below an overview of all designers who participated: Geertje (Geertjeaalders.nl), Janneke (Jansontwerpfabriek.nl),  Karen (Karenweening.nl),  Karin (Paperfuel.nl),  Marloes (Marloesdevries.com),  Marthe (Whisperingpaper.com), Tiny (Letterpers.nl) en Viktor (Chalkboard.nl).

And as it’s not only my lucky day, but also your’s, the gifttags are not only nice to look at, but you can also buy them here.
HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_2 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_3 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_4 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_5 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_6 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_7 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags HappyMakersBlog_Giftttags_1 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_Package

Source: HappyMakersBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Christmas Decoration Trends 2014

Xmas Decor2 Happy Holidays I shall say? According to the pictures, yes. I think you have noticed by now that I’m kind of in the feeling already. It caught me this weekend when I was thinking about how to decorate our house this year. Sadly enough, I didn’t decorate the last two years, cause I was relatively lazy. Hence, I really feel I have to compensate this year. Therefore, I took a tour through glorious Pinterest to get some inspirations and I came back with this – my personal interpretation of Christmas Decoration Trends 2014. (At this point I want to thank Pinterest of its existence – I can’t live without you anymore!)

Are you also in christmassy mood already? Do you want to know what some of the hottest Christmas Decoration Trends are for this year? I assume yes. Get ready for a colorful Holiday Season 2014. I cover alternative christmas tree designs, gift wrapping ideas, loads of gold and bottle brushes.

Xmas Decor5 Wood is the keyword. I found these cute little wooden christmas trees from WoodWoolStool. Aren’t they lovely? You can buy them on Ingrid’s Etsy shop. I spy that All the Luck in the World made use of Ingrid’s alternative christmas tree idea as well already. These wooden trees are great, cause they are sustainable and you can decorate them every year differently. If it floats your boat, you can even paint them every year differently.

Stitching and neon colors are two other trends I considered to be interesting this year. 101Woonideeen shows how to use both trends in one with this wall mobilé. What do you think about this? I love it. If you scroll down you will find more color trends and wall decoration. While writing this post, I’m getting all these great Xmas DIY ideas I need to share with you in the next post.
Xmas Decor4 Besides, neon shades, pink and pastel colors, I believe gold plays a big role, at least for me. Ifra Lahell‘s pretty Christmas balls combine pastel colors and gold. I’m certain they would look great in a Scandinavian designed home. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Ifra showed this Holiday decor on her Norwegian blog. I think I just found another favorite blog. Check out her Pinterest here.

The second version of Ingrid’s wooden Christmas tree is also super cute. 101Woonideeen has another version, which you can also build yourself at home. I also love the garland. Find the step-by-step guide here.

Xmas Decor6 Did you notice these great paper stars? I think the first time I saw them was in Sweden during the Christmas season. They made the city look so much cozier, due to the warm light. At IKEA they are called Stråla and they exist in several colors every year. However, these paper stars from Blog wunderschön-gemacht I like, cause they are used as wall decor. Stråla from IKEA are actually lights. I like both versions, but the paper stars for the wall are a great alternative and totally on trend. You find them everywhere. So on Selina Lake’s blog. Check it our here.

Xmas Decor1 Have you ever seen a washi tape Christmas tree? Definitely a durable version of the modern Christmas tree. Or let’s say easy removable version, in case you get sick of it. I have it say, I love it. Especially how this ‘tree’ was decorated. It could be also a cute idea for girl’s room.

Pink and neon together with black and white – a great combination, especially when you open any 101Woonideeen magazine. That’s why I enjoy reading it so much and why I bombard you with ideas from them here. Above, a nice idea how to even decorate your home office christmassy. Easy and done in seconds, but with a wow effect.

The picture with the gold leaf I decided to put here cause of two reasons. 1) My favorite color is gold, besides pink and pastel and neon and so on. 2) Cause it shows me preparing Christmas gift wrapping. You can easily use some glue and attach a layer of gold leaf to create a shining effect for any gift.

Xmas Decor3 Well, first I thought, what a stupid idea – why would you spray paint bottle brushes and use them as christmas trees.. However, then I realised – oh my, that’s brilliant. Sometimes I ask myself how people can think of those super creative ideas. Pinterest is full of them. Again, yes, I love Pinterest. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have discovered the bottle brushes from 101Woonideeen. You can find the DIY here. Creating them will cost you only 21€ and 45 minutes – great, huh?

Now, what do you think about my Piñata Christmas ball wall decor? Funny, right? If you have very good imagination, you can see Rudolph as well.

If you arrange a friends or blogger get together during the Christmas season, I recommend looking on 101Woonideeen for inspiration. I found this christmassy table setting with paper confetti, hand-drawn Christmas glass balls and of course the cake. A party is no party without a proper cake. I guess you agree here.

The tassels and sequins I bought in Utrecht at Beadies. I’m going to use them in a Christmas DIY project, which I’m going to share with you in another post. Of course there will be more Christmas posts. We are only in November – there is enough time. Don’t you worry! Here with I hop over to the last image and then I saw good bye and let the Holidays begin.

Yvesstown Colorful bottle brushes again and a car carrying a lonely green bottle brush tree. Phew – I think I used bottle brush and Christmas approximately 10 times in this single post. That should boost my SEO for sure. So if you need to get more bottle brush inspiration, visit Yvestown.

What do you think Christmas 2014 will look like? What will it look in your home? I’m curious. Share your thoughts below. I’m happy to give you shopping tips as well.

You can also find more tips and decoration ideas here. I’m also going to update you regularly on crafty Christmas projects here.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Oh Tannenbaum (that’s German).

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