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10 Gifts I love from LEIF Shop

I love shopping for interior decoration items. I could spend my whole life on browsing through my favorite web shops, picking gems and dreaming about how great they will fit in my new home. There is one web shop where I could spend my entire mortgage on. The famous LEIF Shop. And I thought, well if I like to shop there, why not sharing my favorite items with you? Christmas is around, so now is the perfect time to write your wish list. I selected 10 gifts from Leif Shop that I love.

I’m curious what you think. Do you buy gifts online or prefer the traditional way of shopping?

Xmas Gift Ideas

Wish List: 1. Zoe Blanket, 375$ || 2. Popsicle Ornament, 15$ || 3. Brass Hexagon Vase, 63$ || 4. Mobile Charger, 30$ || 5. Pocket Notebook Set, 18$ || 6. Confetti Gift Tags, 10$ || 7. Pillow, 135$ || 8. Botanist Candle, 44$  || 9. Geometric Pastel Vase, 34$ || 10. Ceramic Jar, 36$

Source: The LEIF Shop

Dreamcatcher – the perfect Christmas gift

Dreamcatcher_Part7 Dreamcatcher2 Hello and happy Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was great, with lots of Christmas decoration going on in our cozy home. I worked on many projects at the same time, which explains why I became a little tense and therefore broke out in tears when my advent decoration crashed down while hanging it up (complicated construction – later more). It took half an hour for me to calm down and give it another try. Well now it’s hanging. Yeah, it better stays there.. Speaking of hanging things up. You might have noticed I participated in the Instaswap Fall Edition 2014, organised by Lynda. For my swappie, I created a dreamcatcher. Since I don’t like those old-school boho dreamcatchers with feathers, I came up with my own design. I was inspired by Amanda Rydell from Be Crafty. I love her blog by the way. Check our her pretty instagram account here. You will notice some mahalolena style on her photos. Like I said, she is inspiring me a lot.

I liked making my dreamcatcher so much that I directly worked on a second one. This one is for someone special. Due to the fact that I didn’t have time to post about the last dreamcatcher, today I share with you how to make this one for yourself or as a Christmas gift idea for your beloved ones. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. And you will like the fact that it doesn’t take too long. Quite crucial in this busy season of the year.

You want to peek a boo and learn how to make this unique version of a dreamcatcher to be ready for Christmas? Of course you do. Anyhow, you want to see more photos that you can pin on your beautiful Pinterest boards. I hope you enjoy this little excursion. Let me guide you through it just after the jump.

Dreamcatcher_Part4 Beads_Part1 You do not need a lot of materials. Here a list of items I used:

  • embroidery hoop (from etsy but also in any haberdashery)
  • medium thick thread (to wrap around the hoop)
  • ribbons (thick & thin)
  • beads (what you prefer)

Dreamcatcher_Part1 Dreamcatcher_Part6 You start with taking wrapping the thread tightly around the hoop, so no space is between the layers of thread. After a few rounds you wrap it around the opposite side and back again. Continue until you have an even or uneven (what you like) structure in the middle. When your thread ends, you take a few meters again and continue where you stopped. Make sure the both ends are tightly entangled so nothing unravels. This process might take a little while. I finished this in 2-3 hours.  Dreamcatcher1 Now the fun part starts. You can begin to decorate your dreamcatcher. And well, what can I say – there aren o rules. Just do it. I bought wooden beads, tassels, golden beads, ribbons in different colors, lace thread and sequin thread.

You can knot each ribbons or thread around the hoop, or you hang it around the edges like I did. Ready is your dreamcatcher. There are unlimited color combinations and I’m sure everyone’s home is different. So go to the home depot, market or Hema around the corner and get your materials. Christmas is in 4 weeks. Happy First Advent!

Dreamcatcher3 Accessories_2 Dreamcatcher_Part7 Dreamcatcher4 Dreamcatcher_Part8 Pattern_1 Beads_Part2

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