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Vote for Mahalolena

meet the blogger audience award Hello and good evening lovely readers. I’m super excited cause I have some very special news for you. Today I received an email from Meet the Blogger in my mailbox, saying that Mahalolena is nominated for the Meet the Blogger Audience Award 2015. Yay! Will you vote for me to help me reach the Top 3 and get the chance to win in the category ‘Beginners’? Then you can do so here

How fun. Top 10 is already such an achievement. Thank you for the support. Glad to see that there is so much appreciation for what I’m sharing here.



Say Hola


SAY HOLA! This is Spanish and means ‘Say Hi’, which directly brings us to today’s topic; Carlos Cactus and Viva la Vida. Wait a minute, what did you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought when I read about these fun products from Melbourne based artist Maria Flores of the emerging art and design label SAY HOLA. You’ll met Carlos in a second, don’t worry. First, let me tell you more about Maria. Here a small description that comes from her site.

Maria is curious about colour, geometric shapes, patterns, quirky typography, cultures and nature. This is a common trend in her work as it all comes together in a beautiful unity in her artwork.

Her home studio is full of cacti, love and giggles from her two chicas who are a constructive part of her work, especially of Carlos Cactus, which grew from their interest in puzzles, having fun making things and spending time in the garden.

The hand prints are an important part of Maria’s artistic journey. You can feel a strong connection to every piece, which are inspired by the craft of palm reading and the intention of the Hand of Fatima. Every hand is different in pattern to demonstrate that we all have our own path to discover.

Each piece is created, designed and made with love by Maria in Melbourne Australia. Besides, these colorful products, Maria also has an amazing home, which she shares with her two gorgeous daughters. You can follow Maria on Instagram here @say_hola.

Say Holay_C Say Holay_D Say Hola_A Say Hola_13 Say HOla_B sayhola3 sayhola2 Photography: Stuart Michael


Flower DIY

Flower DIY_Mahalolena_1 Good evening. How are you doing on this Monday? I know Mondays are not the best days, cause we are already looking forward to next Friday. To make your Monday more bearable I have a special delight for you. I planned on uploading this post already yesterday. However, as some of you might have noticed, my website was down. Now we are back on track and everything works again smoothly. Given the fact that yesterday the weather was absolutely amazing in Amsterdam, I wanted to decorate with flowers that I bought at my favorite flower store around the corner. And as this craft project turned out blog-proof, I will share it with you.

The materials needed and steps of this Flower DIY, you’ll find below. I hope I could make your Monday a bit more colorful and you have a good start into the week.


  • Any flowers and some green that you fancy. I mixed shaped and colors.
  • Green flexible wire
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Embroidery ring

Flower DIY_Materials Flower DIY_Materials_2 Step 1

Pick a few branches of your flower mix and tie them around the embroidery ring with the help of the flexible wire.

Flower DIY_Step1 Step 2

Do the same on the other side of the embroidery ring. Make sure your flower stems are long enough. When they are very short they will fall out. For the tulips there is another way how to wire them around the ring. See Step 5.

Flower DIY_Step2 Step 3

Slowly add more and more branches and flowers to the embroidery ring. Best is to tie them on top of each other, so the arrangement gets dense. Furthermore, the wire will disappear under the leaves and blossoms.

Flower DIY_Step3 Step 4

Here you see how I tied the flowers and branches around the ring.

Flower DIY_Step4 Step 5

As last step before the ring is surrounded by your flowers, you can add just the heads of the tulips as cherry on top of the cream. This you do by cutting the stems and sticking just the tulip heads on the one end of the wire. The other end you tie around the ring.

Flower DIY_Step5 Step 6

You can hang the arrangement with a ribbon or just like this on the wall or in the window.

IMG_3975_2 IMG_3983_2 IMG_3985_2

What do you think? Easy right? I really liked making it and my mother in law was happy to receive it as a gift.

By the way, I was inspired by lovely OuiOuiOui Studio. Check it out here.

Have a good evening and a lovely week.


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