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Japanese Design House Nendo

Ceramics_Nendos_1 Hello folks. After the big news, I’m back from lala land and to reality. I always get excited when I discover new, authentic designers. In this case, I found this lovely new line of dishware from Japanese design house Nendo, which is made for tiny apartments. If you ask me, I think they make a perfect addition to any kind of apartment.

The dishware collection is called totte, which is the Japanese word for handle and comes in three sizes and five different colors. What a smart idea to add a handle to plates and bowls. Why would mugs only be allowed to have handles anyways. It’s so much more practical to have handles for all dishes. First of all, you won’t burn yourself and handles make them much easier to store. You can simply loop them on hangers in your kitchen. Besides, those handles just look good. And the pastel colors are definitely a bonus. Unfortunately, right now the collection is only available in Japan. So if you are going on a trip, make sure you do some shopping.

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Freestanding charming bungalow in France

Living Area Hello folks. I hope you had a good weekend so far. It’s Sunday and definitely not fun-day, as I’m feeling demotivated and kind of meh. Do you know this Sunday feeling?This typical Sunday, where nothing goes right. You already wake up with a bad mood, cause you know today is the last day of the weekend and tomorrow your alarm will ring at 7 am, which when only thinking about it, sucks out all energy gained over night and leaves you with very optimistic look-out to the rest of day, thus an awfully negative Sunday-freaking-Blues. Hopefully someone out there has some sympathy for my Sunday-misery. Nonetheless, after a cozy breakfast with coffee and warm bread, the world already looked much different and I gained back my energy while screening my latest vtwonen magazine. Yes, something I do Sundays. And I got even more excited when I found an amazing home tour featuring a freestanding charming bungalow in France which experienced a total metamorphosis.

I’m happy to walk you through this beautiful, handmade home from Constance and Dorian who are located in France. What do I like about this place? The retro-look with Scandinavian inspired color combinations such as white and natural wood. Furthermore, the handmade aspect that turned the former ruin into a modern vintage home with a personal touch. It took the French couple 8 years to rebuild their dream house and they did it all themselves. Wow (!) And I thought I was hands-on..

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Say Hola


SAY HOLA! This is Spanish and means ‘Say Hi’, which directly brings us to today’s topic; Carlos Cactus and Viva la Vida. Wait a minute, what did you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought when I read about these fun products from Melbourne based artist Maria Flores of the emerging art and design label SAY HOLA. You’ll met Carlos in a second, don’t worry. First, let me tell you more about Maria. Here a small description that comes from her site.

Maria is curious about colour, geometric shapes, patterns, quirky typography, cultures and nature. This is a common trend in her work as it all comes together in a beautiful unity in her artwork.

Her home studio is full of cacti, love and giggles from her two chicas who are a constructive part of her work, especially of Carlos Cactus, which grew from their interest in puzzles, having fun making things and spending time in the garden.

The hand prints are an important part of Maria’s artistic journey. You can feel a strong connection to every piece, which are inspired by the craft of palm reading and the intention of the Hand of Fatima. Every hand is different in pattern to demonstrate that we all have our own path to discover.

Each piece is created, designed and made with love by Maria in Melbourne Australia. Besides, these colorful products, Maria also has an amazing home, which she shares with her two gorgeous daughters. You can follow Maria on Instagram here @say_hola.

Say Holay_C Say Holay_D Say Hola_A Say Hola_13 Say HOla_B sayhola3 sayhola2 Photography: Stuart Michael


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