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Etsy Shop Update

IMG_5285 Hello after a long period of no words. I hope you had a nice weekend so far. You probably noticed that I haven’t been tremendously active on my blog.. I have been focussing on other things in the past couple of months, which made it difficult to blog. Besides a lot of changes that I have been dealing with, I have also been busy creating new products for my Etsy Shop. Today, I’m sharing with you my latest Etsy Shop Update. I’m very proud of the outcome and hope you are enjoying a full nose of Spring coming your way. The sunny weather must have inspired me.

Different patterns and color combinations make the newest collection of clay coasters, ideal for the upcoming garden season. Some designs could make a really nice wedding gift or wedding table decor. Speaking of wedding – my sister is getting married in June, which is amazing. She will look lovely with her baby bump. Yes, I’m not only going to have a new brother-in-law, but also a little niece.

Jump over and take a closer look at the new items. On Instagram I show how to use my coasters plus I share loads of interior and DIY inspiration, so I recommend you explore and ask me in case you have questions.





Source: Mahalolena

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring_Mahalolena_2 Happy Sunday my dear readers. How are you doing? Did you have a good weekend? I was very active and creative. Yesterday, I spent some time working on a secret project, which I’m going to share with you soon (hopefully).. yes, exciting, huh? Well, I keep on telling me it’ll be soon, but eventually it’s again taking too long and I’m not confident enough revealing my plans yet. So, cross your fingers for me, and maybe you want to cross them for you too, so you’re lucky that you can finally see the outcome of the mission impossible I babble on for a while. Ok, anyways, I begin to move away from the purpose of this post. Today, I woke up early and went to the gym, which is utterly irrelevant for now, but still.. Now it’s time for the round of applause. This was the first time I went to the gym on a freakin’ Sunday. However, peeps, I admit I’m feeling great. Not only, cause of the weights I lifted (oh yeah, look at me..). No, no seriously, rather because I finally had time to do a proper styling shoot at home. See, now we’re back on topic. Took a few sentences, but hey, I’m supposed to share my life here, right? – just kidding. Now I’m happy to present you the result of today’s, tadaaaa Spring shoot. Below you will find a series of Spring Decorating Ideas in bright and airy colors, which directly deserve another round of applause. Oh and of course, feel free to go all pin-crazy about the images. Just before I forget it, I really got inspired by this lovely blog that I came across recently.

Also, you might remember that there is this special day coming up in one week. I included an extra Valentine’s special for you. Don’t expect a big project as the other ones I showed you before. This idea is especially for the busy superwomen among you, who multitask 24/7. Feeling addressed? Me too. Therefore, I included this sweet one for you, which takes you only seconds, unless you take images.. Scroll down and be inspired.

Spring_Mahalolena_1 Spring_Mahalolena_5 Spring_Mahalolena_3 Spring_Mahalolena_4 Spring_Mahalolena_6 Spring_Mahalolena_8 Spring_Mahalolena_7 Spring_Mahalolena_9 Spring_Mahalolena_18 Spring_Mahalolena_11 Spring_Mahalolena_12 Spring_Mahalolena_13 Spring_Mahalolena_14 Spring_Mahalolena_15 Spring_Mahalolena_16 Spring_Mahalolena_17

A bright and colorful home in Brooklyn

Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_1 Hello my dear readers. How are you? It has been quiet for a few days. However, now I’m back with the amazingly bright and colorful home of Jenny, based in Brooklyn and photographed by lovely Brittany Ambridge.

For those of you who missed out, before we jump over to this great apartment in Brooklyn.

  1. 101Woonideeen teaming up with vtwonen: On DIY ideas for the home
  2. Glamping – this is your caravan: On a caravan make-over
  3. A Scandinavian Home: On living with white and pops of color
  4. Spring Summer 2015 Bloomingville Collection: On the newest color trends
  5. Crushing on Mengsel: On fun illustrations for the wall

One other thing. I know, we’re almost there. Just this one question to you. I’d love to hear from you what DIY projects you’d like to learn about in the near future. Like I just mentioned, I have a lot of ideas, but I wonder what you, as my readers, who I value greatly would like to learn. Maybe, you need some seasonal DIYs, such as Valentine’s Day or Easter, or something totally different. I’m all ears. Let me know in the comment box below.

Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_2 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_3 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_4 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_5 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_6 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_7 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_9 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_10 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_12 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_11 Source: Brittany Ambridge

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