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A snail mail workshop at Galerie Lucie

Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_5 Hello and Happy Sunday and Happy 1st of March. I hope you are enjoying some sun on this lovely Sunday. It has been quiet the last weeks. You might wonder why. Well it’s not the most exciting story, trust me. After being sick for a while with the flue, being tremendously busy at work and last but not least, having my first real bike accident last week, I’m back from lala land and feeling kind of normal again. I say kind of, because walking doesn’t really function fully. But hey, limping around with crutches doesn’t keep me from attending a snail mail workshop and taking photos. Of course not. Especially when it has been organised already months ago. To be precise, I’ve been to a snail mail workshop at Galeria Lucie yesterday, which was really ‘gezellig’ (Dutch for nice). I’ve met some fellow bloggers and DIY’ers, who all seemed to struggle with the same challenge as I do: how to not get stressed about when and how often and how to blog. And no, I don’t have the answer to the million-dollar question, but I realized that blogging when you feel like you want to share something is also a way of doing it. Particularly, when you use 99% of your brain energy already in your daily full-time job as marketing strategist, then you don’t always have time to come up with a strategy for the 2nd full-time job, right? I guess you all agree. So screw the blog rules and let’s blog when we have something important and relevant to say. (PS: I didn’t hit my head when I feel off my bike, just saying. I mean it).. And today guys, I feel like sharing.

I hope you like my spring inspired snail mail that I designed in a round with inspiring other creatives, who all want one thing: Share their beautiful work with others to make the world a more colorful and better place. Happy Sunday.
Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_1 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_2 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_3 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_4 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_6 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_7 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_8 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_9 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_12 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_10 Snail Mail Workshop_Mahalolena_11

A special thanks to Lucie for putting so much effort in setting up this lovely workshop with creative bloggers and offering your workspace for being crafty.

PS: You can follow Lucie’s social media, for example her IG account where she also shares family moments with her two little adorable boys.

I had a great time. I’m especially happy that I had the chance to meet Monique from Happy Makers Blog, who worked as art director at 101Woonideeen, my favorite magazine. Also, I want to share with you another lovely blog called Googels en Voozels. If you like black and white decoration then you are at the right address.

Have a good Sunday. X

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring_Mahalolena_2 Happy Sunday my dear readers. How are you doing? Did you have a good weekend? I was very active and creative. Yesterday, I spent some time working on a secret project, which I’m going to share with you soon (hopefully).. yes, exciting, huh? Well, I keep on telling me it’ll be soon, but eventually it’s again taking too long and I’m not confident enough revealing my plans yet. So, cross your fingers for me, and maybe you want to cross them for you too, so you’re lucky that you can finally see the outcome of the mission impossible I babble on for a while. Ok, anyways, I begin to move away from the purpose of this post. Today, I woke up early and went to the gym, which is utterly irrelevant for now, but still.. Now it’s time for the round of applause. This was the first time I went to the gym on a freakin’ Sunday. However, peeps, I admit I’m feeling great. Not only, cause of the weights I lifted (oh yeah, look at me..). No, no seriously, rather because I finally had time to do a proper styling shoot at home. See, now we’re back on topic. Took a few sentences, but hey, I’m supposed to share my life here, right? – just kidding. Now I’m happy to present you the result of today’s, tadaaaa Spring shoot. Below you will find a series of Spring Decorating Ideas in bright and airy colors, which directly deserve another round of applause. Oh and of course, feel free to go all pin-crazy about the images. Just before I forget it, I really got inspired by this lovely blog that I came across recently.

Also, you might remember that there is this special day coming up in one week. I included an extra Valentine’s special for you. Don’t expect a big project as the other ones I showed you before. This idea is especially for the busy superwomen among you, who multitask 24/7. Feeling addressed? Me too. Therefore, I included this sweet one for you, which takes you only seconds, unless you take images.. Scroll down and be inspired.

Spring_Mahalolena_1 Spring_Mahalolena_5 Spring_Mahalolena_3 Spring_Mahalolena_4 Spring_Mahalolena_6 Spring_Mahalolena_8 Spring_Mahalolena_7 Spring_Mahalolena_9 Spring_Mahalolena_18 Spring_Mahalolena_11 Spring_Mahalolena_12 Spring_Mahalolena_13 Spring_Mahalolena_14 Spring_Mahalolena_15 Spring_Mahalolena_16 Spring_Mahalolena_17

4 Steps to a new Tea Box

DIY Tea Box I’m not gonna lie guys, mod podge is surprisingly a multifunctional life-safer. Yes, you can glue anything with it. Me and podge we were going for the tea box. The boring wooden thing already captured my crafty attention for a while and last weekend finally, the time had come. I decided giving it a new look in 4 easy steps. The good thing is, you only need a decent amount of mod podge, a brush, paper and a cup of tea of course. Happy mod-podging.

Learn how to quickly transform a plain tea box into a lovely looking addition to your kitchen and tea assortment after the jump. Continue reading

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