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9 Handwritten Gifttags by Happy Makers Blog

Handwritten_Gifttags A rainy and grey day encouraged me to browse for the necessary portion of happiness. And I was lucky. While searching for inspiration for a next blog post, I came across the HappyMakersBlog in my bookmarks under ‘important‘. The first time I learned about this lovely blog was, when I went to a creative workshop at Galerie Lucie that I was telling you about a few weeks ago. I sat next to Monique, the owner of HappyMakersBlog and whilst enthusiastically glueing our paper envelopes we talked about our blogs. I really like her approach to slow blogging. She posts only when she is really convinced and satisfied about the content, which I can very much identify with. We both tried posting every day in the past, but you only end up with a blog burn-out, which I’m sure no one really would appreciate here. Am I right? Quality goes over quantity and because of that, you will only find beautiful and carefully curated content on Monique’s HappyMakersBlog. Therefore, I was not very much surprised when I saw another great post about the creative collaboration between Monique, a bunch of talented Dutch illustrators and Tiny from Letterpers.nl, who together developed 8 handwritten gifttags that give any gift the instant eye-appeal. If you are still looking for inspiration for mother’s day gift wrapping, then you are at the right place. Explore the many lovely ways how to style the gifttags.

Find below an overview of all designers who participated: Geertje (Geertjeaalders.nl), Janneke (Jansontwerpfabriek.nl),  Karen (Karenweening.nl),  Karin (Paperfuel.nl),  Marloes (Marloesdevries.com),  Marthe (Whisperingpaper.com), Tiny (Letterpers.nl) en Viktor (Chalkboard.nl).

And as it’s not only my lucky day, but also your’s, the gifttags are not only nice to look at, but you can also buy them here.
HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_2 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_3 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_4 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_5 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_6 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_7 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags HappyMakersBlog_Giftttags_1 HappyMakersBlog_Gifttags_Package

Source: HappyMakersBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Laura Blythman’s Neon Home

Home Tour_5 Hello folks. After a blogging break for a month or so, I’m back with a tour through Lauren Blythman’s neon dream house, located in Melbourne, Australia. You might know Laura from her colorful, bright neon watercolor collages and fun illustrations that circulate around on Pinterest. So it comes with no surprise that her home is full of color, playful patterns and eclectic styling, exactly as her designs.

The first time I found Laura Blythman art was on Pinterest. I was immediately excited and amazed how perfectly she includes my favorite colors in her art. I have a weakness for neon colors, especially peachy and minty hues. I love the way how Laura combines these intense colors so that it doesn’t seem overloaded. I added some prints which I think show her work the best.

I did not have the pleasure to walk through this jaw-dropping home, but I do think that when seeing the photos there are three things you notice: color in all corners of the home, brightness and coziness. The lovely big windows allow the sun to shine through and emphasize the colors in Laura’s designs and give the home a warm, inviting look and feel. Also, using a lot of greens make the house look more vivid and welcoming.

You can follow Laura on Instagram for inspiration.

Home Tour_6 Home Tour_7 Home Tour_4 Home Tour_3 Home Tour_2 Home Tour_8 Home Tour_9 Home Tour_10 Home Tour_11 Home Tour_12 Home Tour_13 Home Tour_14 Home Tour_15 Home Tour_16 Laura Blythman_1 Laura Blythman_3 Laura Blythman Sources: Apartment Therapy | Laura Blythman

Say Hola


SAY HOLA! This is Spanish and means ‘Say Hi’, which directly brings us to today’s topic; Carlos Cactus and Viva la Vida. Wait a minute, what did you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought when I read about these fun products from Melbourne based artist Maria Flores of the emerging art and design label SAY HOLA. You’ll met Carlos in a second, don’t worry. First, let me tell you more about Maria. Here a small description that comes from her site.

Maria is curious about colour, geometric shapes, patterns, quirky typography, cultures and nature. This is a common trend in her work as it all comes together in a beautiful unity in her artwork.

Her home studio is full of cacti, love and giggles from her two chicas who are a constructive part of her work, especially of Carlos Cactus, which grew from their interest in puzzles, having fun making things and spending time in the garden.

The hand prints are an important part of Maria’s artistic journey. You can feel a strong connection to every piece, which are inspired by the craft of palm reading and the intention of the Hand of Fatima. Every hand is different in pattern to demonstrate that we all have our own path to discover.

Each piece is created, designed and made with love by Maria in Melbourne Australia. Besides, these colorful products, Maria also has an amazing home, which she shares with her two gorgeous daughters. You can follow Maria on Instagram here @say_hola.

Say Holay_C Say Holay_D Say Hola_A Say Hola_13 Say HOla_B sayhola3 sayhola2 Photography: Stuart Michael


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