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Christmas Decoration Ideas: Small Spaces

Alternative Christmas Decor3 Alternative Christmas Decor1 Happy 3rd Advent my dear readers. I have been busy decorating my home during the last 2 weeks or so. What I did and how it looks, I’m sure you are desperate to know. Good for you, cause today I’m sharing with you my Christmas Decoration Ideas for the home, especially for small spaces, with you. Probably you remember my last post about Christmas Decoration Trends 2014. As you might have noticed, I interpreted this year’s Christmas as an explosion of colored party confetti, golden glitter and lametta fun.

To find the right material for my decoration extravaganza, I went to Flavoriteslive, a market where you can shop live at famous online shops in the Netherlands. It was great. There I discovered Engelpunt where I bought these beautiful paper snow flakes. They go perfectly with my alternative christmas tree, I figured. Psst: You can follow Engelpunt on Facebook and on Pinterest to see more products.

Back to the snowflakes. They work like honeycombs, but look even more gorgeous, especially as part of my christmas decoration. Speaking of that, I’ll show you how I used the paper snowflakes, clay ornaments, christmas balls and shininess for my sensational ‘hanging christmas tree’, which is the perfect solution for small spaces (and people who don’t like slowly dying real christmas trees like I do).

Read here for the real Christmas blowout and a new clay ornaments DIY Ho ho ho

Alternative_Christmas_Decor_4.jpg SnowFlakes1 Alternative Christmas Decor2 You can hang this alternative christmas tree, as I call it, against the wall or the window. I eventually decided for the window, cause then the decoration can nicely hang in the air. Oh I forgot to mention that if you hang this construction, preferably do not ask your boyfriend, unless he is not clumsy. If you do have a clumsy boyfriend at home, well then good luck. My beautifully crafted Christmas decoration came down before I could even take the next breath. I asked whether I can go away, so he could place the 2nd nail. The moment I stepped away I only saw it crashing down, which made me break out in tears. After confessing that he didn’t pay attention in this particular, very important second, I calmed down and started practically all over again. Okay, it took me just a few minutes. But hey, I had to make my point, right – drama baby. Hopefully, he doesn’t read this.

Anyways, finally there it is, hanging, in its fullest splendour. Do you like it? It’s pretty simple to make. Just grab a branch from the garden and hang everything that represents your personal Christmas mood on it. Even though, hanging it up might be the most difficult part, yet it is also the most fun part, cause once it’s up there, it looks fabulous.
Xmas Clay Ornaments_5 For this lovely Xmas Clay Ornaments DIY you need:

How to:

  1. roll out the clay
  2. stamp out clay with a round shape (cookie cutter)
  3. stamp quote into clay
  4. bake in the oven for 30 minutes on 110°C
  5. paint with acrylic color and decorate with ribbons

Xmas Clay Ornaments Snow Flakes Snow Flake Confetti Christmas Confetti Christmas Happy 3rd Advent everyone. Enjoy the Christmas celebrations. Lena


Easter DIY Clay Ornaments

Happy Easter DIY_1.jpg

Today I’m sharing a fun, easy and quick project, yet brilliant for a unique gift wrapping or easter branch decoration. I designed fabulous clay ornaments that you can use as hangtags or gifttags. They are really easy to make and you can be super creative and individual with them, since there is no right or wrong. Brilliant, huh? If you like this kind of decoration, hop over to my brand new Etsy Shop and shop some unique gifts for your loved ones or treat yourself.

Learn how to make fabulous diy clay ornaments for individual gift wrapping or decoration. Find the tutorial and the clay decoration after the jump. I can’t wait to show you these beautiful results. Continue reading

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