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How to make personalised keychain hangers

Hopefully you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did. Too bad it’s already over again. I had a lot of fun with my family. As crafty as I am, I made a lot of gifts for family and friends myself. It’s so much more fun and also more affordable. The biggest benefit? People love it as those gifts are unique. Recently, I have shared a photo of some keychain hangers I made for Christmas. Some of you asked me how I made them and where to get them. Lucky you, cause today I’ll show you how to make your own personalised keychain hangers


  1. 2-3 colors of polymer clay (I used this one)
  2. Letter stamps (I used those)
  3. Rolling pin
  4. Shot glass for cutting the shape
  5. Glossy sealer (I used this one)
  6. Wooden beads
  7. Golden beads
  8. Golden keychain rings
  9. Colorful tassels
  10. Robust polyester neon cord (you can get it in a store that sell jewelry making supplies)
  11. Lighter


  1. Roll your clay with a rolling pin and form long lines.
  2. Randomly mix your colors of choice together and roll again so you get a thickness of half a centimeter approximately.
  3. Select what you want to stamp into the keychains. I used the initials from ma friends and family members.
  4. Cut out the clay with your whiskey glass. I used a diameter of approximately 3 centimeter.
  5. Punch a hole with a pencil or wooden stick
  6. Bake the clay in the oven according to packaging instructions
  7. Let dry
  8. Use your glossy varnish for sealing both sides of the keychain hanger. You can apply 2 layers. Let dry again.
  9. Add beads and tassels in an order of your preference onto the cord
  10. Attach the hanger with your neon cord on the one side and with the keychain ring on the other side. Try to knot the two ends at the backside of the keychain hanger and use a lighter to melt the ends together.

Hope it works out for you. If you have any troubles, let me know in the comment sections below.

Mahalolena on Etsy

Hello Etsy_Final

Hello and Happy Sunday! Today, I’m announcing some big news. As you probably can already guess from the picture – Mahalolena is now on Etsy. Yay!

I’ve often get asked why I don’t have an Etsy Shop and I’ve asked myself the very same question again and again. My answer always has been ‘I’ve not enough time and I’m afraid I suck’. Therefore, I parked the idea somewhere in the back of my head, yet it kept on bugging me and my excitement got eventually bigger than the fear. So here I am, with my own Etsy Shop. It kind of feels overwhelming to finally push the ‘live’ button. It took me a while to make this step, but now it feels like a good moment to share it with you all.

So right on time for Christmas, I bring you my starter collection of handmade interior decor accessories – finely crafted clay coasters. Here’s a little peak of a few of my products but click here to see the rest of the Mahalolena Shop.


I really hope you enjoy my shop and I look forward to bringing you more and extending my shop with additional products.

I’m happy to hear your questions, comments or feedback, as I’m new to the Etsy Seller World. Have a lovely day and see you in my shop.

10 beautiful handmade ceramics

Ceramics_LeifShop I’ve always admired ceramics. The love for ceramics making and clay crafting goes back to my high school years when I majored in art and experimented with all sorts of materials and color effects. I still remember the terracotta clay in my hands, this cool, humid, yet smooth substance pressing between the fingers forming an object, later getting fired in the kiln and glazed as final touch. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow education in the different ceramics making techniques, such as wheel throwing, slipcasting and handbuilding. Also, all glazing methods are unfamiliar to me. I mean the most common and easy one to do at home is of course handbuilding and painting the surface, which I regularly practice at home. However, wheel throwing and slipcasting I’ve never tried, yet would love to learn from a professional one day. Anyways, we are getting a bit off topic.

Today, I would like to round up a few of my favorite inspiring handmade ceramics, each with a different personality developed by their makers. Hopefully, they inspire you as much as they do for me. Here are 10 beautiful handmade ceramics that I adore right now and want to have on my kitchen table decoration for the next dinner party. Besides, for more inspiration have a look here.

Ceramics_BenFiess 1. Same as in the first picture, these beautiful, unique pieces are made by talented Ben Fiess and can be bought on LeifShop. Pastel coloring – I love!

Ceramics_TerttullaCermics 2. I love the combination of these beige and mustard colored ceramics from Sara Söderberg, a Stockholm based artist, whose online shop is coming soon. You can follow Sara’s inspiring work here.


3. Always an eye catcher, cause of its unique and oriental pattering. Ceramics from BungalowDK, to shop via Wunderschön-gemacht.

Lenneke Wispelween 4. Very high on my wishlist are the designs inspired by geometric shapes from Lenneke Wispelwey. There is no way one does not admire all of her pieces. My absolute favorite. You can shop them here.

Romyno 5. Metallic / golden accentuated ceramic cups with watercolor effect glazing – yes please! Find more beautiful ceramics from Romyno here.

Ceramics_SuiteOneStudio 6. Yes, I love uneven serving plates and jewelry dishes with golden rims and watercolor effect coloring. I mean who does not people? Tell me one person and I personally make sure he or she changes mind immediately, cause this is the most elegant porcelain that lifts up your table top decor in seconds. Suite One Studio is doing an amazing job.

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset 7. Anna from Arrow + Sage makes these lovely ceramics, also with golden accents. She was on Etsy previously, but recently opened her own, real webshop. Check it out. It’s really beautiful. You can follow Anna for inspiration on Pinterest.


8. You can get your entire ceramics set including plates, cups, vases and more from Amy Hamley’s handmade RedravenStudios Collection. All of her work is slip cast in English porcelain from handmade molds, and many pieces are finished with 14k gold and platinum luster. Yes, ladies you heard right – 14k gold!

Ebenotti 9. The drawings are created by carving into the clay and washing over with a black stain, then wiping off the excess to reveal the original line. The decorative color is also hand-painted on before the final firing. Wow! This already gives an indication how many steps are included in the process of producing these lovely planters from Elizabeth Benotti.

Ceramics_AnnaWesterlund 10. The cherry on top – Anna Westerlund. What a talented woman and how inspirational are her ceramics. I love the combination of porcelain with fabric and neon accents. You can find more pieces on Anna’s moodboards here.

What are your favorite ceramic pieces at the moment? Any of those above that you admire as well? 

Sources: All images link to sources

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