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Say Hola


SAY HOLA! This is Spanish and means ‘Say Hi’, which directly brings us to today’s topic; Carlos Cactus and Viva la Vida. Wait a minute, what did you say? Yeah, that’s what I thought when I read about these fun products from Melbourne based artist Maria Flores of the emerging art and design label SAY HOLA. You’ll met Carlos in a second, don’t worry. First, let me tell you more about Maria. Here a small description that comes from her site.

Maria is curious about colour, geometric shapes, patterns, quirky typography, cultures and nature. This is a common trend in her work as it all comes together in a beautiful unity in her artwork.

Her home studio is full of cacti, love and giggles from her two chicas who are a constructive part of her work, especially of Carlos Cactus, which grew from their interest in puzzles, having fun making things and spending time in the garden.

The hand prints are an important part of Maria’s artistic journey. You can feel a strong connection to every piece, which are inspired by the craft of palm reading and the intention of the Hand of Fatima. Every hand is different in pattern to demonstrate that we all have our own path to discover.

Each piece is created, designed and made with love by Maria in Melbourne Australia. Besides, these colorful products, Maria also has an amazing home, which she shares with her two gorgeous daughters. You can follow Maria on Instagram here @say_hola.

Say Holay_C Say Holay_D Say Hola_A Say Hola_13 Say HOla_B sayhola3 sayhola2 Photography: Stuart Michael


Spring DIY – Flower Art

My favorite Home_Mahalolena Happy Sunday my dear friends. Did you enjoy your weekend so far? Here, it is raining and grey. Apparently it will even snow. Therefore, I want to brighten up your day with a very simple DIY that takes, when having all materials probably 10 minutes. Just the preparation requires some patience. I’m going to share with you a lovely spring DIY with dried flowers to create your own flower art. I was inspired by vtwonen and the idea from Esther, who lives in this beautiful home that you can partly see here on those images. I hope I can share the full home tour with you soon. It’s really such a great home and a second hand walhalla. Yeah you heard right. Esther’s home is a handmade home. If you have the last 101Woonideeen at home, take a peek on page 41.

Back to the crafting project. Here is what you need:

  • any flowers (mixing wild flowers with hortensias I like the most)
  • colored cardboard
  • glue
  • scissors
  • books and something heavy to put onto the books

Here is how it works:

  • drying your flowers (this takes a few days, so be patient)
  • place your flowers in between books and put weights on top, so the flowers get pressed and all fluids sucked out by the paper)
  • when dried, glue the flowers onto any kind of paper, for example colored cardboard

My favorite Home_Mahalolena_1 Dry Flowers_Mahalolena Glue Flowers_Mahalolena I quickly put a moodboard together with my flower art that I created already a while ago for another project. It was really simple and done quickly. Thus, not as pretty as the one from Esther. I wanted to show you that you can also do it as a small version for your night table or shelf decoration. If you make several in different sizes and in different frames, you can decorate a part of your wall in your livingroom. It will look gorgeous.

Do you like this idea of pressing flowers? I was already a fan of it when I was a little girl. My parents gave me a flower press as a gift, which I must have lost somehow over the years. I wish I still had it. It was such a cool thing. You could press several flowers on different layers and the top and bottom were connected with screws which you tightened up. After a few days the flowers were perfectly pressed. Maybe I should buy one again for the upcoming spring season.

Spring DIY_Dried Flowers_Mahalolena Source: vtwonen | Lena for Mahalolena | Style.life)

Nectar & Stone Melbourne

Ombre Chocolate and Cupcakes Ombre Chocolate and Macaroons Hello everyone. It has been quite some time that I posted something here. I have been on holiday – again and very busy at work. But, I’m back with a sweet story for you.

Yesterday I came across Dessert Designer Donna-Caroline Khoo – owner and sweet bakerof Nectar & Stone Melbourne. I was immediately amazed by the delicious treats she is creating. Her desserts embody style, sophistication and femininity and have an original look and feel. I especially love the ombre, pastel colored chocolate and its unique shape. Donna-Caroline is using my favorite colors in her palettes, which makes it even more attractive to me. 

With including fresh flowers, gold leaves and carefully selected color combinations, Nectar & Stone’s eats almost look like jewelry or diamond composition for women with a sweet tooth.

Have a look at Donna-Caroline’s art after the jump. And before I forget, check out her Instagram account. Continue reading

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