Our first own home: Inspiration Phase

Inspiration Seeking living Inspiration Big news, PART 1 I have to say. Wait there is more? Yes, buckle up, there is a lot to come over the next few weeks. You might have noticed a new logo here on top, but also here and here. Well that’s only a minor change. Let’s pull the confetti poppers and shout out one of the most exciting announcements. I skip the introduction part of the story and go directly to the climax. Here we go! House hunting is over. We found a place – our first own home. To be precise, we will move into another apartment in Amsterdam, yet this time our very own one. Why will we move? Well, it still needs to be built. Thus, all the time to properly prepare for moment X. So you know what that means, I guess. It’s going to be a decoration extravaganza, styling heaven and a fearless, out of proportion DIY shebang. Why? Because it’s nothing less than a huge, empty space waiting to be dressed with things creative and colorful.

From floor, to kitchen and living area, to bedrooms and bathrooms – everything ready to be transformed into a home with heart. If you could hear my excitement! I’m oh-so ultra excited. It’s practically winning the lottery, though not really literally, as buying a place has kind of the opposite effect. Still, I won the decoration lottery. So let’s start with the inspiration phase. Finally, my book The Decorate Workshop by Holly Becker can prove itself to be useful.

Living Inspiration Seeking Over the coming weeks, I will be studying the decoration bible and in 8 creative steps will try to find out what personal decor style our new home shall get. I would say challenging, especially when she and he are not always in the same opinion when it comes to wall colors and toilet brushes. But hey, long live romanticism.. I’m sure we will get through this. I definitely score higher with my master in interior decoration by Holly Becker 🙂  Decorate Workshop Flower Power

Source: Mahalolena

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2 thoughts on “Our first own home: Inspiration Phase

  1. Oh, such fun news! I hope to move to another home someday soon with my husband and kids, a bit closer to where I’m from. I hope to share that news too on my blog someday. 😉 Good luck in your new home and wishing you a great move! Hugs, Inge x

    1. Hi Inge – thank you so much. I will definitely keep you posted about the progress and my ideas about the perfect cozy family home. x

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