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Rare Bird Amsterdam Intro Hello friends and decoration lovers. Yesterday I have been shopping at Rare Bird Amsterdam. I’ve always wanted to say Hi to the lovely owner Nancy and her beautiful decoration, gifts and vintage shop on Marnixstraat 127. Finally, I took the time to explore every single corner of this bright and colorful shop – and I enjoyed it. Thank you Nancy for giving me the opportunity to look inside your shop.

Rare Bird is actually celebrating its 2 year anniversary. Definitely, a good time to pass by and check out the pretty honeycombs or lamps from Studio Snowpuppe. I also love the idea of hanging plates onto the wall. And guess what – at Rare Bird Amsterdam you’ll find the material to do so. But you better be quick, cause they are a bestseller on the Dutch market, cause people realized that eating from plates is one thing; but hanging them onto the wall, that’s the real deal.

Read the full story about Nancy and her shop Rare Bird Amsterdam and get decoration ideas with the honeycombs I bought after the jump.

Rare Bird Amsterdam_4 So who is this rare bird actually? Nancy decided to open Rare Bird and by that follow her dreams after working for years as a childrenswear designer at a big international clothing company. By that time she was basically at a stage where she was hitting rock bottom of life. Her daily routines were turned upside down after the sudden loss of her dear mother, which made her reevaluate and reflect what she actually wanted to achieve in life.

Having a young daughter and travelled around the world, being surrounded by friends and family and the creative city of Amsterdam, Nancy was inspired to take a big step into a new direction. She quitted her corporate job, took the heritage of her mum, which consisted of beautiful vintage treasures and started to pursue her dream of having a gift and decoration shop in the heart of Amsterdam. Nancy said that she was inspired by her mum’s wonderful taste and that she not only inherited her vintage pieces but also her feeling for design and decoration. I can definitely confirm that.

The range in her store consists of a mix of new and vintage home accessories and original gifts for young and old from special designers and illustrators, such as Donna Wilson, Reddish Design, Rob Ryan, Studio Snowpuppe and much more.
Rare Bird Amsterdam_3 IMG_3307_2 IMG_3331 Rare Bird Amsterdam_1 IMG_3312_2 IMG_3327 Rare Bird Amsterdam_5 IMG_3304_2 IMG_3297_2

And now look what I have done with my honeycombs that I got at Rare Bird. I’ve used my favorite Pip Studio plates, my favorite Flow Magazines and my Pip Studio Tea Towel and arranged everything with a white and pastel pink honeycomb. The postcard I got at Hema. Honeycombs go great for parties and decoration.

HoneyComb Inspiration_3 IMG_3370 HoneyComb Inspiration_1 HoneyComb Inspiration_2 IMG_3385

Hope you have a great sunday. Yours, Lena

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