Freestanding charming bungalow in France

Living Area Hello folks. I hope you had a good weekend so far. It’s Sunday and definitely not fun-day, as I’m feeling demotivated and kind of meh. Do you know this Sunday feeling?This typical Sunday, where nothing goes right. You already wake up with a bad mood, cause you know today is the last day of the weekend and tomorrow your alarm will ring at 7 am, which when only thinking about it, sucks out all energy gained over night and leaves you with very optimistic look-out to the rest of day, thus an awfully negative Sunday-freaking-Blues. Hopefully someone out there has some sympathy for my Sunday-misery. Nonetheless, after a cozy breakfast with coffee and warm bread, the world already looked much different and I gained back my energy while screening my latest vtwonen magazine. Yes, something I do Sundays. And I got even more excited when I found an amazing home tour featuring a freestanding charming bungalow in France which experienced a total metamorphosis.

I’m happy to walk you through this beautiful, handmade home from Constance and Dorian who are located in France. What do I like about this place? The retro-look with Scandinavian inspired color combinations such as white and natural wood. Furthermore, the handmade aspect that turned the former ruin into a modern vintage home with a personal touch. It took the French couple 8 years to rebuild their dream house and they did it all themselves. Wow (!) And I thought I was hands-on..

Let’s take a look at the different rooms.
Kitchen The entire house has a concrete floor, which is easy to clean and durable. To get a disruptive look, patterned floor tiles are a good choice for the kitchen area. They provide a country house feeling and are an eye catcher. Fun for kids, but also for adults who don’t want to forget what groceries to buy, is a wall or door painted with chalk paint. You’ll find chalk paint in any hardware store nowadays.

As I said earlier, I adore handmade homes. They just look more authentic. In Constance’s and Dorian’s home, a lot of pieces are designed by themselves or discovered on flea markets, which not only helped them create a unique home, but also reduced the costs a lot.

For example, such a lamp is easy to make. Materials needed: oversized wooden beads, cord, fitting, connector, bulb, lamp shade. You can buy the beads in a hobby store and the remaining material in a hardware store or at Snoerbroer (NL only).

Kitchen Area I love the large metal kitchen rag. You can buy it here. Also, the mint industrial hanging lamps above the kitchen counter are amazing. I’ve seen them in many homes already. Definitely something I want to get for my new home too.

Dining Area If you want to create a lighter and more airy atmosphere, paint the upper side of your kitchen table in white, like Constance did. To match the color, decorate with some other furniture pieces in the same color, such as the second hand wooden bench. Like that you create a holistic picture. If you think the lamp is awesome, then you can check on Ay Illuminate, which sells a similar one.
Decor Living Area Sofa I’m still sad that I missed the IKEA BRÅKIG limited edition last year. I think Constance was luckier. I love the style mix in this corner. The mid-century dresser with the vintage metal locker, IKEA’s modern geometric patterned side table and the Mexico chair. And I almost forgot the cacti, which are easy to handle for those of you who don’t particularly have a green thumb. And if someone could please let me know where to find a grandma style (lace) plaid, I’m all ears. 

Hallway Bedroom Another great DIY idea, so simple that you actually cannot really call it DIY. Old wooden crates repurposed and used as bed side table or magazine storage. Love it. However, the absolute eye catcher is definitely the retro bed-head in peacock shape. The couple found it on a flea market. Not visible on this picture, but in the magazine, a sunburst mirror. You can buy similar ones here.

Kidsroom Again the lace plain. Constance, where did you get this amazing bed sheet? Probably you have seen those jute rugs on other blogs or in interior magazines already. What do you think about them? Are they also suitable for the living room? I really like them. You can buy them here or also at H&M.

Kidsroom 2 Tipi Decor Kidsroom Bathroom My last ‘oh I love it’ goes to this old butcher’s table, repurposed to carry the sink. The farmer’s sink is from IKEA. Don’t ask me where to get this butcher’s table, but I’m sure any old barn has it.

What do you think about this amazing home? Would you also consider making your own furniture? And what is your favorite room in this house? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. Also, it’d be much appreciated if you had an idea where to find lace plaids and lace table cloths in the Netherlands.

Have a good evening and cheers to a happy Sunday after all.

Source: vtwonen

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4 thoughts on “Freestanding charming bungalow in France

  1. Wat een heerlijk huis! En tenminste eens niet zo opgeruimd zoals je altijd ziet (en wat ik ook altijd probeer;)
    Ik heb nog wel een klanten plaidje liggen, niet zo groot als deze, maar mocht je interesse hebben, laat het me weten!x

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