Easter DIY Clay Ornaments

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Today I’m sharing a fun, easy and quick project, yet brilliant for a unique gift wrapping or easter branch decoration. I designed fabulous clay ornaments that you can use as hangtags or gifttags. They are really easy to make and you can be super creative and individual with them, since there is no right or wrong. Brilliant, huh? If you like this kind of decoration, hop over to my brand new Etsy Shop and shop some unique gifts for your loved ones or treat yourself.

Learn how to make fabulous diy clay ornaments for individual gift wrapping or decoration. Find the tutorial and the clay decoration after the jump. I can’t wait to show you these beautiful results.

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Material – What you need for the clay ornaments:

  1. Clay
  2. Cookie cutters
  3. Stamp-able letters (I used these)
  4. Dough rolling pin to roll out the clay
  5. Paper tissues for the decoration
  6. Mod podge for glueing
  7. Acrylic transparent gloss vanish (water based)
  8. Bakers twine or thin ribbons

Fun Diy for Easter

Step-by-Step guide – How to make diy clay ornaments:

  1. Start by rolling out the clay until it’s all about 1cm thick or less if you prefer.
  2. Use your cookie cutters to stamp out your shapes. Use a pencil or tooth pick to make a hole at the top of each shape enabling you to hang them later.
  3. While the clay is still moldable you can stamp in the doodles into your shapes. I used Happy Easter.
  4. Set aside and wait for an hour approximately so the clay starts to dry a bit.
  5. Take your favorite tissue paper motives and rip it into small pieces so you have a pattern that fits onto parts of your clay.
  6. Use the mod podge and apply onto clay and tissue paper. Glue the paper onto the clay so that everything sticks evenly. Do it as often as you want onto other parts. Set aside.
  7. Leave all the shapes to dry out overnight. I had a clay that dries in the air. No microwave needed.
  8. The next day you can glaze your decorations. I did two layers so it was nice and glossy.
  9. As the last step use thread or bakers twine and get it through the hole. Tie a knot in the end. Tadaaa ready is the ornament.

Easter Clay Gift Tag Clay Ornaments for Easter.jpg Clay Ornmaments.jpg Shapes2 Make your own clay decoration.jpg Gift Tags1.jpg Clay Ornaments Gift Tags.jpg

For more inspiration about Easter gifts and DIYs have a look here. Easter Collage

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23 thoughts on “Easter DIY Clay Ornaments

    1. Hey, thank you for your comment. I’m afraid I do not fully understand your question. The washi tape and the tissue paper are two different things. I used the kind of tissue paper you use for table decoration, like a napkin. There you have a lot of options to choose from. The washi tape I used for attaching the hang tags to the packaging or to hang them up. You have all the freedom to decide what color combinations you take. Does that answer your question? I’m happy to help further if you have more questions. Just send me a message. best, Lena

    1. Thanks a lot. I have used air dried clay from this brand Artista Soft Clay. But there are many different clay types. I used a very light one. It has a very nice structure and is easy to handle.

      1. I love this! How much grams of clay did you need for this project? I am trying to figure out how much I’ll need to buy for presents 🙂

  1. So pretty! Where did you get the floral patterned tissue paper? I have never seen it before!

    1. Hi Lauryn,

      the paper is actually a napkin/paper tissue. I just grabbed one I found in my drawer. There are so many different napkin patterns that you will probably find in your next supermarket, IKEA or a decoration store.


  2. Hi, I was wondering where can I buy the stamp-able letters, for some reason I can’t open the site you mentioned. Love the decorations!

    1. Hi Silvia

      You can google it and probably find then on Amazon. Or you can try a baking decoration shop.

      Have fun 🙂

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