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Freestanding charming bungalow in France

Living Area Hello folks. I hope you had a good weekend so far. It’s Sunday and definitely not fun-day, as I’m feeling demotivated and kind of meh. Do you know this Sunday feeling?This typical Sunday, where nothing goes right. You already wake up with a bad mood, cause you know today is the last day of the weekend and tomorrow your alarm will ring at 7 am, which when only thinking about it, sucks out all energy gained over night and leaves you with very optimistic look-out to the rest of day, thus an awfully negative Sunday-freaking-Blues. Hopefully someone out there has some sympathy for my Sunday-misery. Nonetheless, after a cozy breakfast with coffee and warm bread, the world already looked much different and I gained back my energy while screening my latest vtwonen magazine. Yes, something I do Sundays. And I got even more excited when I found an amazing home tour featuring a freestanding charming bungalow in France which experienced a total metamorphosis.

I’m happy to walk you through this beautiful, handmade home from Constance and Dorian who are located in France. What do I like about this place? The retro-look with Scandinavian inspired color combinations such as white and natural wood. Furthermore, the handmade aspect that turned the former ruin into a modern vintage home with a personal touch. It took the French couple 8 years to rebuild their dream house and they did it all themselves. Wow (!) And I thought I was hands-on..

Let’s take a look at the different rooms. Continue reading

Laura Blythman’s Neon Home

Home Tour_5 Hello folks. After a blogging break for a month or so, I’m back with a tour through Lauren Blythman’s neon dream house, located in Melbourne, Australia. You might know Laura from her colorful, bright neon watercolor collages and fun illustrations that circulate around on Pinterest. So it comes with no surprise that her home is full of color, playful patterns and eclectic styling, exactly as her designs.

The first time I found Laura Blythman art was on Pinterest. I was immediately excited and amazed how perfectly she includes my favorite colors in her art. I have a weakness for neon colors, especially peachy and minty hues. I love the way how Laura combines these intense colors so that it doesn’t seem overloaded. I added some prints which I think show her work the best.

I did not have the pleasure to walk through this jaw-dropping home, but I do think that when seeing the photos there are three things you notice: color in all corners of the home, brightness and coziness. The lovely big windows allow the sun to shine through and emphasize the colors in Laura’s designs and give the home a warm, inviting look and feel. Also, using a lot of greens make the house look more vivid and welcoming.

You can follow Laura on Instagram for inspiration.

Home Tour_6 Home Tour_7 Home Tour_4 Home Tour_3 Home Tour_2 Home Tour_8 Home Tour_9 Home Tour_10 Home Tour_11 Home Tour_12 Home Tour_13 Home Tour_14 Home Tour_15 Home Tour_16 Laura Blythman_1 Laura Blythman_3 Laura Blythman Sources: Apartment Therapy | Laura Blythman

A bright and colorful home in Brooklyn

Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_1 Hello my dear readers. How are you? It has been quiet for a few days. However, now I’m back with the amazingly bright and colorful home of Jenny, based in Brooklyn and photographed by lovely Brittany Ambridge.

For those of you who missed out, before we jump over to this great apartment in Brooklyn.

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One other thing. I know, we’re almost there. Just this one question to you. I’d love to hear from you what DIY projects you’d like to learn about in the near future. Like I just mentioned, I have a lot of ideas, but I wonder what you, as my readers, who I value greatly would like to learn. Maybe, you need some seasonal DIYs, such as Valentine’s Day or Easter, or something totally different. I’m all ears. Let me know in the comment box below.

Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_2 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_3 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_4 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_5 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_6 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_7 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_9 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_10 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_12 Radiant Home Brooklyn_Mahalolena_11 Source: Brittany Ambridge

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