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Japanese Design House Nendo

Ceramics_Nendos_1 Hello folks. After the big news, I’m back from lala land and to reality. I always get excited when I discover new, authentic designers. In this case, I found this lovely new line of dishware from Japanese design house Nendo, which is made for tiny apartments. If you ask me, I think they make a perfect addition to any kind of apartment.

The dishware collection is called totte, which is the Japanese word for handle and comes in three sizes and five different colors. What a smart idea to add a handle to plates and bowls. Why would mugs only be allowed to have handles anyways. It’s so much more practical to have handles for all dishes. First of all, you won’t burn yourself and handles make them much easier to store. You can simply loop them on hangers in your kitchen. Besides, those handles just look good. And the pastel colors are definitely a bonus. Unfortunately, right now the collection is only available in Japan. So if you are going on a trip, make sure you do some shopping.

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Mahalolena on Etsy

Hello Etsy_Final

Hello and Happy Sunday! Today, I’m announcing some big news. As you probably can already guess from the picture – Mahalolena is now on Etsy. Yay!

I’ve often get asked why I don’t have an Etsy Shop and I’ve asked myself the very same question again and again. My answer always has been ‘I’ve not enough time and I’m afraid I suck’. Therefore, I parked the idea somewhere in the back of my head, yet it kept on bugging me and my excitement got eventually bigger than the fear. So here I am, with my own Etsy Shop. It kind of feels overwhelming to finally push the ‘live’ button. It took me a while to make this step, but now it feels like a good moment to share it with you all.

So right on time for Christmas, I bring you my starter collection of handmade interior decor accessories – finely crafted clay coasters. Here’s a little peak of a few of my products but click here to see the rest of the Mahalolena Shop.


I really hope you enjoy my shop and I look forward to bringing you more and extending my shop with additional products.

I’m happy to hear your questions, comments or feedback, as I’m new to the Etsy Seller World. Have a lovely day and see you in my shop.

10 Gifts I love from LEIF Shop

I love shopping for interior decoration items. I could spend my whole life on browsing through my favorite web shops, picking gems and dreaming about how great they will fit in my new home. There is one web shop where I could spend my entire mortgage on. The famous LEIF Shop. And I thought, well if I like to shop there, why not sharing my favorite items with you? Christmas is around, so now is the perfect time to write your wish list. I selected 10 gifts from Leif Shop that I love.

I’m curious what you think. Do you buy gifts online or prefer the traditional way of shopping?

Xmas Gift Ideas

Wish List: 1. Zoe Blanket, 375$ || 2. Popsicle Ornament, 15$ || 3. Brass Hexagon Vase, 63$ || 4. Mobile Charger, 30$ || 5. Pocket Notebook Set, 18$ || 6. Confetti Gift Tags, 10$ || 7. Pillow, 135$ || 8. Botanist Candle, 44$  || 9. Geometric Pastel Vase, 34$ || 10. Ceramic Jar, 36$

Source: The LEIF Shop

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