Baked Apples with Cinnamon and Cranberries

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happy 2nd advent everyone. I hope you had a great and cozy Sunday. I spent my day with creating a lovely new post for you. Christmas time means being with family and friends, standing in the kitchen and baking sweet solutions and cuddling in front of the fire place. Thankfully we have one.

Today, I felt like I needed a nice afternoon tea dessert. I remember my mum preparing these delicious baked apples when I was younger. The entire house was always filled with the sweet scents of these freshly oven baked juicy treats. My stomach screamed baked apples today. So, I grabbed my grocery bag and headed to the market to get some of the ingredients I was still missing.

Enjoy these (actually quite healthy) oven baked apples & the recipe after the jump.
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the recipe

Ingredients (Makes four)

  1. 4 cox orange apples
  2. a bag of fresh cranberries for decoration and for sprinkling around
  3. per apple 1-1/5 tbs of brown sugar
  4. cinnamon (flavored optionally)
  5. per apple a hand full of raisins
  6. per apple a hand full of chopped almond slivers 
  7. butter flakes for sprinkling on and around apples 
  8. vanilla sauce (optional)
  9. oven pan or casserole made from porcelain 


  1. get the inside of the apples out with a apple corer 
  2. place the apples into your oven pan or casserole
  3. stuff apples after another with raisins, almond slivers, brown sugar and cinnamon
  4. sprinkle cranberries in and around apples
  5. sprinkle butter flakes on top of apples and around into the oven pan
  6. add some more brown sugar into the oven pan and on the apples (gives a nice caramel effect later on)
  7. bake in oven on 180°C for around 30 minutes (the apples have to be golden and soft and the butter sizzling) 
  8. serve with hot vanilla sauce (I didn’t cause I forgot to buy it)
  9. decorate with rosemary branches and icing sugar

16 days to go

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