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Motivational Quotes


What? Hello? Why? No, I do not have time.

Hello all. Yes yes, I’m still alive. I’m very sorry to not being present recently. It has been too busy and it actually still is. I’m working full time, then I’m coming home and reading about the latest posts in my BYW E-Course, my Social Media Strategy Skillshare E-Course, and then, after I’m still only crawling on the floor, asking for sleep, I still want to find some time in between to post something that you are interested in and like. I decided to motivate myself a bit. I’m learning a lot in my blogging course, which will benefit you in the end, cause I will be able to create beautiful posts targeted precisely to you, my lovely audience.

At the moment I’m just a bit frustrated, because it is very hard to find enough time to shoot, design, write copy and come up with an entire post quickly. And I prefer to not do it quickly, cause I’m putting my heart into it and love to show you something that gives you an added value. For this reason, I decided to post some motivational quotes that I discovered over the last days. Maybe, they help you too when you are in a little writing crisis or just like me, do not have enough time at the moment to fully focus on everything at the same time. Heads up for a one-woman-show. Who else is playing that role?

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Scandinavian Styling

Four FavoritesIt has been a little quite lately. Especially here in my columns section. I have been traveling and very busy during the last weeks. But there is also a good thing about it. I had all the time to research the things I loved.

Since the Christmas season is getting closer and closer we have to start thinking about how to decorate our home to make it a cozy place for the big celebration. I studied in Sweden and the academic year runs from fall to summer. Good for me, cause I experienced another way of Christmas anticipation and celebration in a new culture. Like in every country, there are typical habits and rituals. In Sweden it is definitely the coziness that climbs directly on place one. Get some Swedish winter wonderland inspiration for the upcoming season after the jump. Continue reading

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