Nursery Styling – Pastels with a monochrome touch

I would be lying if I’d say that I didn’t enjoy spending hours in puzzling together the in my eyes, perfect nursery for our baby girl. Honestly, I loved it and I could directly hop onto the next project – any preggo mama-to-be around who needs some help in styling her baby’s nursery? I’m up for it. If you follow me on instagram, you probably have already seen the “pastel monochrome geometric shapes madness” that I’m currently into.

Since there have been a lot of questions from you and other mamas about how I came up with the styling and where I bought the products, I thought I sum it all up in a post. I’m adding some useful tips for your own baby room decoration and of course I’m giving you a nursery tour. Just keep on reading.

Actually, I can’t really tell what made me pick ochre yellow, black and pastel pink as the dominating shades. I think I remember searching for trend colors of the past years and I came across the 2016 trend color ochre gold by Flexa. Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t follow trends. I’m more of a fish swimming against the stream.

However, in this case I really loved the warmth of the shade and how it combined with pastel pink. So I started creating a moodboard on Pinterest. Besides, my love for pastels, I also started to adore the monochrome style, which is all over social media. It’s nothing new, but as I said I don’t follow trends, so it might be only now that I realise that black and white is something I fall for, yet I haven’t in the past when it was upcoming. The monochrome style is something you often see in Scandinavian homes. When I was living in Sweden I came across it many times. The nordic people just know what’s right – black and white with minimal color and yet their homes are still “hygge” (cozy). Scandinavian simplicity. But don’t shy away from bold colors.

Actually you will notice that I used a lot of Scandinavian brands for the decoration. I really like the style. However, smaller labels from the Netherlands or Spain are also incorporated. I’m fan of mixing it up a little.


Below some tips how I crafted my moodboard:

  • I made sure that I focus on the three main colors
  • I mixed patterns and textures
  • I searched for nurseries that I adore and tried to find out where to shop the look
  • I created a list of interesting brands and nursery online shops
  • I collected the baby furniture and interior styling pieces from the various shops and pinned them. While doing this, I again carefully selected only those products that fit my color palette


After my color palette and product moodboards were ready the fun part started.


During the nursery tour you’ll get an overview what brands I used to decorate our nursery. The baby mobile and wooden chains I made myself. DIY is a great and cheap alternative to buying everything new.

Next time, I’ll share my most favorite online shops where you can find not only interior styling products, but also clothes or small furniture pieces, as well as gifts for the new mum. Enjoy!

Sloppop | Fabelabdk | Nobodinoz | Fine Little Day | Ferm Living Kids | Wehkamp

Hema | Handmade wooden chain | Nobodinoz

Meyco Baby | Nobodinoz | Fabelabdk | Hema | Sloppop

Bloomingville Mini | Nobodinoz | Meyco Baby | Fabelabdk | Muuto Design | Handmade Mobile

IKEA | H&M Home

Fabelabdk | Handmade wooden chains | Bloomingville Mini | Muuto Design

How to make personalised keychain hangers

Hopefully you enjoyed Christmas as much as I did. Too bad it’s already over again. I had a lot of fun with my family. As crafty as I am, I made a lot of gifts for family and friends myself. It’s so much more fun and also more affordable. The biggest benefit? People love it as those gifts are unique. Recently, I have shared a photo of some keychain hangers I made for Christmas. Some of you asked me how I made them and where to get them. Lucky you, cause today I’ll show you how to make your own personalised keychain hangers


  1. 2-3 colors of polymer clay (I used this one)
  2. Letter stamps (I used those)
  3. Rolling pin
  4. Shot glass for cutting the shape
  5. Glossy sealer (I used this one)
  6. Wooden beads
  7. Golden beads
  8. Golden keychain rings
  9. Colorful tassels
  10. Robust polyester neon cord (you can get it in a store that sell jewelry making supplies)
  11. Lighter


  1. Roll your clay with a rolling pin and form long lines.
  2. Randomly mix your colors of choice together and roll again so you get a thickness of half a centimeter approximately.
  3. Select what you want to stamp into the keychains. I used the initials from ma friends and family members.
  4. Cut out the clay with your whiskey glass. I used a diameter of approximately 3 centimeter.
  5. Punch a hole with a pencil or wooden stick
  6. Bake the clay in the oven according to packaging instructions
  7. Let dry
  8. Use your glossy varnish for sealing both sides of the keychain hanger. You can apply 2 layers. Let dry again.
  9. Add beads and tassels in an order of your preference onto the cord
  10. Attach the hanger with your neon cord on the one side and with the keychain ring on the other side. Try to knot the two ends at the backside of the keychain hanger and use a lighter to melt the ends together.

Hope it works out for you. If you have any troubles, let me know in the comment sections below.

Getting ready for the Holiday Season


Ho Ho Ho friends. Are you already getting prepared for the Holiday Season? It’s mid of October, and we are slowly turning up the heater as days are getting colder. Since a few weeks, shelves are being filled up with sugar cookies, chocolate and co, while shopping malls started playing jingle bells on repeat. Although, you might still think about your last summer vacation, very soon the actual Christmas shopping season starts and before you know it you’ll find yourself rushing from store to store to find a suitable gift for your loved ones.

Already last year and actually also the years before, you told yourself, ‘next year I’ll start earlier!’ Let me tell you one thing – Now is the time exploring what’s out there. We assume you are searching for something unique, like you were last year, except it turned out differently than you anticipated.. The shops were packed, jingle bells kept on repeating, the pretty things were already sold out, you started to get all stressed and sweaty, cause Christmas was the day after tomorrow, of course. Finally you found the ultimate gift for your mum, sister and best friend, yet it appeared that the ultimate gift happened to be a vase, your mum, sister and best friend either already had, or got it in a different color. Yeah, you definitely had thought that through. But hey, you can return it right. Good luck with rushing back, getting all stressed and annoyed again, as the return process looks not any different than the purchasing hassle.

This year’s different. This year, you’ll gonna do some serious unique gift shopping and the emphasize lies on u-n-i-q-u-e. This year, you’ll impress your friends and family with interior decor that makes a statement. This year, you are not going to sweat running from store to store. This year, you’ll sit on your sofa with a glass of wine, jingle bells playing softly in the background (mhh maybe not) and your laptop. The only thing that is required from you is clicking the check-out button. Sounds pretty easy right? Or maybe you don’t need a gift, because it’s your turn to host this year’s Christmas family dinner and you want to impress your loved ones with proper festive table decor rather than the paper tablecloth you used 3 years ago? We can help you.

Mahalolena has a selection of beautiful handmade clay coasters for a superb addition to your interior styling, table top decoration or as unique Christmas gift that guests will love. We guarantee the wow effect and happy mums, sisters, girlfriends and best friends. Now, click here and enjoy having a look around and start shopping. A tip for a hassle-free shopping: Make sure you order before mid of November to allow your package to arrive on time. My little shop is located in the heart of Amsterdam and so far I don’t have elves assisting.

Estimated shipping times
North America: 2-3 weeks
Europe: 3-5 business days
Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 2-3 weeks
Asia Pacific: 2-3 weeks


Follow Mahalolena for updates on new products, exclusive offers and styling ideas on Instagram.

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